Getting stranded is even worse in winter

Getting stranded is even worse in winter

To truly enjoy this holiday season, keep your motorized sleigh running smoothly. Being stranded on an icy roadside is no one’s idea of a winter wonderland. Let’s take a look at some simple steps you can take right now.

Being stranded on an icy roadside is no one’s idea of a winter wonderland. Here are some simple steps you can take right now.

Low angle shot of a tire on a vehicle in the snow.

Tis the season for treacherous conditionsTis the season for treacherous conditions

These helpful tips can help ensure that your vehicle is able to weather the weather this winter.

Tire Pressure Winter

Tire pressures can drop along with temperatures

Winter demands keeping a close eye on your tire pressures. An air temperature drop of 10 degrees can cause up to a 1 PSI drop in your tires. Proper inflation is key to safer driving and better gas mileage. Remember, air is always FREE at Belle Tire, 24/7.

Maintaining your battery in winter

Batteries don’t love cold weather. Temperatures at or below freezing can really put a strain on them, especially if you’re taking shorter trips. Your local Belle Tire can check your connections and make sure your battery is charged and ready for action all winter.

Battery Test Winter
Antifreeze test

Antifreeze explained

Antifreeze does much more than its name suggests. When mixed with water and pumped through the engine (also called “coolant”), it helps keep things from seizing up because of cold external conditions, but it helps prevent overheating as well. It also contains chemicals that help prevent the corrosion of vital engine parts. Maintaining the proper coolant levels are important for keeping your vehicle running smoothly in wintry conditions.

What is a radiator flush?

Your owner’s manual should recommend a full flush of your radiator at certain intervals. This cleans out the coolant to run a special cleaner through the system that washes away corrosive contaminants. A new mixture of water and antifreeze is added back in to help keep your engine from seizing up or overheating while also fighting corrosion.

Radiator Flush
Brakes winter

Wintertime demands better braking

There’s no season that puts brakes to the test like winter. Road salt can build up on braking systems causing uneven wear. Extra moisture from ice and snow can seep into brake fluid and affect overall performance. A free brake inspection from a Belle Tire technician is an easy way to make sure your pads, calipers and rotors are ready to take on any adverse conditions.

Proper alignment is the way to go

Having all four tires pointed in the same direction is a must for safe winter driving. Improperly aligned wheels can cause drifting and vibrations that make hazardous conditions even more dangerous. Your local Belle Tire can check your alignment for free and help diagnose any issues.

Wipers-summer RT

Can your wipers take on winter?

Having clear visibility in winter conditions is crucial. Check your wiper blades by simply running your finger along the blade, feeling for any nicks, bumps or tears. These defects are what cause streaking when using your wipers.

Tips & hacks for frigid temps

These nuggets of wisdom will help you brave colder conditions this winter.

  • Cat Litter
    The purrfect traction trick

    A couple of 20lb. bags of cat litter in your trunk can weigh your car down to give it some extra traction in treacherous conditions. Plus, if you’re stuck on a slick surface, sprinkling a bit under the tires can give them something to grab on to.

  • Scaper hack
    A scraper in a pinch

    Got an icy windshield but no scraper handy? The answer is hiding in your wallet. Grab a credit card or other thick plastic card to help dislodge the frozen menace on your glass.

  • Socks
    A glove box for socks

    Throw a pair of thick socks in the glove compartment. If you ever need to walk over a slick surface or push your car over some ice, slip them over your shoes for some extra traction and safety.

Cold weather driving tipsCold weather driving tips

Winter months bring with them a whole host of unique driving challenges that demand the most of vehicles as well as drivers. Knowing how to navigate more treacherous conditions can help you arrive safely at your destination

1. Slow and steady braking - To maintain traction, avoid rapid or sudden stops if at all possible. 

2. Slower speeds overall - Driving at lower speeds allow you to have more time to respond to any hazards and help you make more controlled starts and stops. 

3. Extra caution on sloped surfaces - If possible, avoid stopping on hills. Winter weather makes maintaining control on steeper grades much more difficult. Remember, slow and steady wins the race (but obviously, no racing either). 

4. Minimize distractions - Staying focused on your driving is the best way to help your car stay on the road. Being aware of your surroundings, changing conditions and other drivers are simple ways to avoid mishaps. 

5. Know when to stay home - If you’re at all worried about changing road conditions and it’s not an emergency, the safest route may be to just wait it out.  

You're covered with us!

    A plan to protect your alignment

    Potholes, curbs and other road hazards are just waiting to mess with your wheels. After your next alignment at Belle Tire, an additional $35 gets you unlimited wheel alignments for the next 12 months. This helps protect your investment by getting every possible mile out of your tires (and saving you up to $144 during the year).

  • tires on a rack
    Industry-Leading Tire Protection Plan

    Belle Tire is ready to repair or replace your tire if it fails due to faulty workmanship or materials, or a non-repairable road hazard. This plan is good until the tire has 3/32 inch tread depth remaining, or 3 years from the date you bought it, whichever comes first. Just pay for it when you purchase the tire.

  • Tire install
    Tire Installation Package

    Our experts don’t just install your tires, we send you on your way with access to more free lifetime services than any of the so-called competition. Free lifetime alignment checks, tire rotations, spin balancing, flat repairs and more will help you get the maximum mileage out of your tires. 

Your one-stop-explanation-shop!

We know buying tires and servicing your vehicle can be overwhelming and darn right confusing. That's why we've assembled all the information to help simplify tire selection, vehicle maintenance and repair.

  • tires on a rack
    Tire Buying Guide

    Choosing the right tire can be challenging. There’s a lot to consider before you buy, so let's make sure you are getting the right tire for your vehicle and your budget.

  • Oil Change 2 Spring
    Spring maintenance

    Extreme weather can take a severe toll on your vehicle. After this past winter, it’s wise to check out these essential services to make sure your car is safe and ready for spring.

  • Black tires are lined up in a row.
    Electric Vehicle Tires

    The right tires for your electric vehicle can optimize your car's performance and maximize your range. Check out the top factors to consider before choosing your tires for your EV.

  • Road trip-card sie
    Roadtrip tips

    The open road is calling. Before you answer, check out these helpful hints to make the journey more enjoyable.

  • Gas pump3
    Get more out of your gas tank

    With gas prices being high, a little bit of vehicle maintenance can go a long way in improving your gas mileage.

  • Michelin tire
    Protecting Your Tire Investment

    You want to get every possible mile out of your tires. We want to help you do it. 

  • bald tire
    Replacing Tires

    Knowing when to replace your tires boils down to two simple words: safety first. Keeping track of your tread depth and the age of the tire are two important factors in determining if they’re still safe and road-ready.

  • Rack of tires 2
    Tire Types

    Understanding all the different tire types can be overwhelming. Lets take a closer look to find the right tire for you.

  • Rack of tires
    Tire Sizes

    Before purchasing any tire, you need to be sure you’re getting the right size and type for your specific vehicle. Knowing how to find this important info and what it means will help you make the right call.

  • Tread pattern image
    Tread Patterns & Components

     Learning more about the various features of a tire’s construction can help you determine the perfect fit for your specific vehicle, driving style and surroundings.

  • A hand is using a tire pressure gauge to check the amount of air in a tire.
    Inspecting Your Tires

    A good rule of thumb is to inspect your tires once a month. When you bring out the gauge to check your tire pressures, it’s a good time to give the actual tires a checkup too.

  • Alignment spring

    Aligning your tires regularly helps reduce premature tread wear and improves gas mileage.

  • Tire pressure gauge closeup
    Tire Pressure

    Having your tires properly inflated is the fastest, simplest and cheapest way to make sure your vehicle is getting better gas mileage.

  • Brake inspection

    We offer free safety brake checks for everyone. Because keeping up with proper brake maintenance will save you money and keep you safer on the road.

  • Shocks struts card. imagepng

    Everyone wants a vehicle that drives smoothly and safely. Let’s explore the basics of your suspension system.

  • Tread depth check
    Tire Maintenance

    Regular tire maintenance is essential for getting the most out of your tire investment.

  • How long do batteries last 50/50
    Battery services

    Our friendly battery experts not only offer replacements and installments, but also free inspections.

  • TPMS icon
    Tire Pressure Monitor System TPMS

     If you see the TPMS icon illuminated, check the pressure in all four tires as soon as possible.

  • A side view of a black wheel rim that reads, “Motor City Customs”.
    Wheel Care

    Tires aren’t the only thing that keeps your vehicle rolling smoothly. Proper care for your wheels helps them last longer while making every trip safer.

  • Winter tire tread in snow
    Winter Maintenance Tips

    To truly enjoy this holiday season, keep your motorized sleigh running smoothly. Being stranded on an icy roadside is no one’s idea of a winter wonderland. Let’s take a look at some simple steps you can take right now.

  • Winter Mobile masthead
    Winter/Snow Tires

    If you’re considering winter tires, also known as snow tires, there are several things you should take into consideration. Here’s everything you need to know about winter tires and how to find a set that’s right for you.

Your new tires are waiting!

Your new tires are waiting!

We can help you find the right tires in just a few steps. After that, we'll give you more free services to help you get the most out of them.

We can help you find the right tires in just a few steps.

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