X-Ice XI2

X-Ice XI2
$70 Reward Card from Michelin

The Michelin X-Ice Xi2 is a terrific all-around winter tire. It is sure-footed on both ice and snow, as well as quieter than other snow tires. It offers a lower rolling resistance, and therefore better gas mileage. The X-Ice Xi2 is designed to tackle the coldest winter driving conditions around the world. A wide tread contact patch generates acceleration and braking power, as well as cornering traction, for outstanding winter maneuvering. Supporting knobs help provide stability on wet and dry roads in the winter, helping the X-Ice Xi2 tire deliver the best overall winter traction, along with superior ice performance. The X-Ice Xi2 noticeably improves deep snow and ice traction without the typical trade-offs in clear road handling or tread wear. Michelin recommends using X-Ice tires in sets of four to provide the best handling characteristics and tire performance.


265/70R17 115T
Tread life
40,000 miles
Speed Rating
T - Up to 118mph

Performance Ratings(1-10)

Ride Quality9
Tread Life6
Wet Traction9
Winter Traction9
Dry Traction9

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