Wrangler Duratrac

Wrangler Duratrac
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The new Wrangler DuraTrac is all about balance. It gives drivers top-notch traction on even the muddiest of surfaces while providing equally as impressive performance on-road whether the conditions are dry, wet or snowy. The tire features TractiveGroove Technology that gives the tires thousands of biting edges at the base of the tire's grooves to make sure your car never slips or slides. The Wrangler Duratrac's is also a long lasting tire thanks to its rugged tread compound, it's resistant to tearing, block chipping and chunking.


265/70R17 115S
Tread life
50,000 miles
Speed Rating
S - Up to 112mph

Performance Ratings(1-10)

Ride Quality6
Tread Life5
Wet Traction7
Winter Traction7
Dry Traction7

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