Conti Cross Contact LX

Conti Cross Contact LX

The well-balanced tire for medium-weight to heavy 4x4 vehicles. Thanks to the open outer shoulder, this tire provides good handling and braking properties even on easy terrain. The four deep and broad circumferential grooves widen towards the opening, ensuring very good aquaplaning resistance and reducing tire damage by hindering stones from getting caught. Thanks to their rib characteristic and pronounced siping, the three circumferential block rows make for precise steering response and very good straightline performance while guaranteeing that the tire rolls very smoothly and quietly.


215/70R16 100S
Tread life
65,000 miles
Speed Rating
S - Up to 112mph

Performance Ratings(1-10)

Ride Quality7
Tread Life6
Wet Traction7
Winter Traction7
Dry Traction7

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