Off-Season Storage

Off-Season Storage
A Belle Tire employee is wearing blue gloves and unwrapping a tire that is inside a blue cover.

We can store your tiresWe can store your tires

Save space and avoid the dirty, cumbersome job of storing your off-season set of tires and wheels in your home or garage with the Belle Tire Valet Service.


Avoid heavy-lifting, loading and unloading your tires and wheels several times each year, and let Belle Tire do the work for you.


Your tires and wheels are stored inside a protective tire glove in our secure, climate-controlled Distribution Center until you need them again the following season.


The Belle Tire Valet Service is $99.99 for customers who are storing tires or a set of tires and wheels. This price does not include mounting and balancing of tires and wheels. Call your local Belle Tire Store for additional information on pricing and to set up an appointment.

How it Works

  • Bring in your vehicle to any retail location and purchase the Belle Tire Valet Service (Off-Season Storage Solution).

  • Belle Tire removes tires and wheels and cleans them in preparation for storage.

  • Tires and wheels are placed in a tire glove; a unique bar code is then placed on them for tracking.

  • Belle Tire transports your tires and wheels to our Distribution Center where the tire and wheel assemblies will be cleaned (Belle Tire does not clean tires stored without wheels).

  • Your tires and wheels are stored inside of a protective tire glove at our secure, climate-controlled Distribution Center until you need them again the following season.

  • Contact any Belle Tire Store the following season to set up a service appointment to have your wheels and tires reinstalled.

Proper Wheel Cleaning

Wheel cleaning is a critical part of the off-season storage process. The proper maintenance and cleaning of your wheels is just as important as any other part of the body of your vehicle. It prevents corrosion and helps with the longevity of your vehicle's tires. For example, wheel and rim corrosion can cause your tires to deflate or leak air if their metal becomes pitted due to layers of salt, dirt, mud and brake dust.

Safe and Secure Storage

Avoid incurring any damage to your wheels and tires due to improper storage. Storing tires and wheels will keep them looking good and performing well by protecting them from stress like extreme temperatures. Belle Tire ships tires and wheels in a protective tire glove – to our secure, climate-controlled Distribution Center where they are safely stored until the following winter or summer season.

See Belle Tire Off-Season Tire Storage Terms and Conditions.