Tire Buying Guide

Tire Buying Guide

Choosing the right tire can be challenging. There’s a lot to consider before you buy, these questions can help determine which tires will be the right fit for you.

“Which tire is right for me?” is a question every vehicle owner has to answer. There’s a lot to consider before you buy.

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When should I replace my tires?

Knowing when to replace your tires boils down to two simple words: safety first. Keeping track of your...

Tire types

Understanding all the different tire types can be...

Tire Types
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Tread patterns & components

The specific tread pattern can determine how a tire grips, handles and wears in...

Understanding tire sizes & ratings

Looking for your tire size? Find out where to find your...

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Do I need winter tires?

If you're considering winter tires, there are several things to...

Frequently asked questions

  • Replace 2or4 Card
    Should I replace 2 tires or 4 tires?

    As a general rule, we recommend replacing all four tires at the same time. However, sometimes you may only need to replace two of your tires. If this is the case, we recommend mounting the new tires on the rear axle. This will add traction and increase the overall safety of your vehicle.

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    How can I make my money go farther?

    A first glance, it might seem like the best value tire is the one that costs less. But instead of looking at up-front costs, it might be worth looking at the cost over time. When we break down the cost-per-mile, a higher quality tire might end up being the better value. Not to mention improved ride quality, superior handling and enhanced safety. Depending on your driving habits, spending a bit more now could save you money down the road.

  • Michelin Winter tire
    Do I need winter tires?

    In warmer, drier climates, you may not need to worry about winter traction. But in colder climates where the temperature often drops below 45 degrees, you may want to consider two sets of tires. Having a set of winter tires will provide noticeable advantages in these conditions, even when compared to the best all-season tires.

Don’t keep your new tires waiting.

Don’t keep your new tires waiting.

We’ll help you find the perfect tires in a few steps.

We’ll help you find the perfect tires in a few steps.

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