Belle Tire Hockey Team

Belle Tire Hockey Team
A Belle Tire hockey team wearing red hockey jerseys are standing on the ice with their arms around each other.

Youth on the ice.Youth on the ice.

Youth fitness has proven to have a direct tie to children's academic performance and overall life quality. This was the basis for the initiation of Belle Tire's Hockey Club in 1997, in addition to the Barnes family's passion for the game.

The Belle Tire Hockey Club, recognized as one of the top youth organizations in the country, has impacted more than 5,000 youth ages 5 to 18 to date.

There are currently 450 players from Michigan on the program's 28-team roster.

The program helps youths develop life skills such as accountability, focus, good health, team work, confidence and other applicable skills for life off the ice.

Many Belle Tire alumni have gone on to play at the Division 1 College level with others playing in the Ontario Hockey League and United States Hockey League. Others have successful college and professional careers that run the gamut throughout several academic pursuits and industries.