April is National Car Care Month!

April is National Car Care Month!
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What Is National Car Care Month?What Is National Car Care Month?

National Car Care Month helps bring attention to the importance or regular preventative car maintenance. Attending to preventative maintenance during the month of April helps vehicle owners catch any issues that could have occurred during the cold winter months in time for any road trips and fun travels this summer. Due to the cold and harsh road conditions that occur in winter, maintenance can often get pushed off and lead to a higher ticket price and major damage to vital vehicle parts.

National Car Car Month

Auto Services

  • Alignment spring

    Aligning your tires regularly helps reduce premature tread wear and improves gas mileage.

  • Winter-glass
    Auto glass services

    Having glass troubles? Chips or cracks? Call your local store to discuss how we can help with your glass needs.

  • Oil-spring
    Oil and lube services

    Making oil changes a part of your regular routine will keep your engine running smoothly. And you can get one done while we’re working on any other service you might need.

  • Brake inspection

    We offer free safety brake checks for everyone. Because keeping up with proper brake maintenance will save you money and keep you safer on the road.

  • Winter-shocks
    Suspension Services

    Frequently checking your shocks and struts will help you maintain a comfortable ride.

  • Winter-battery
    Battery basics

    Having a fully charged and properly functioning battery is a huge positive. It helps make sure your engine starts to reduce negativity.

  • Spring-Coolant
    Coolant & Air Conditioning Services

    We understand the importance of keeping you and your vehicle cool. That’s why our experts offer full-service A/C and coolant services that test and restore all refrigerant and cabin temperature issues.