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Ford F150 Tires & Wheels

Ford F150 Tires & Wheels

Keeping your F-150 ready for anything means having the right tires that can deliver the performance you need, when you need it. Let’s look at some specifics to help you decide which type of rubber will treat you right.

Keeping your F-150 ready for anything means having the right tires that can deliver the performance you need, when you need it.

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Tire types

Before choosing a tire for your Ford F150, lets first determine what type of tire will best be suited for your needs. Lets breakdown some of the tire type options so you can get the most out of your truck.

  • Mstercraft Courser HSX
    Everyday/ Highway tires

    These tires are made to be used year-round, but are specifically made for pickup trucks and SUVs. These tires are built to offer great grip on the road and even some good off-road traction, provided the conditions aren’t too extreme.

  • Matercraft courser HTX
    L/T Work truck tires

    The “LT” stands for “light truck”, but don’t let the name fool you. These tires are made for trucks and SUVs that carry heavier loads. They’re also capable of taking on some off-road conditions. With a stiffer sidewall and more durable construction, LT tires are a step up from standard passenger tires. If you’re going to be consistently weighing down your truck or SUV with multiple passengers or freight, LT tires might be the best bet.

  • All terrain4
    All terrain tires

    Versatility is the name of the game. If your treks take you off of the pavement and onto some dirt, rock, gravel or mud, these tires have you covered. Get good, predictable grip on the street and confidence-inspiring traction on the soil.

  • BFGoodrich Mud Terrain T:A KM3
    Mud terrain tires

    The name says it all. These tires are made to get down and dirty. Head off-road and into wet, dirty or muddy conditions while still maintaining traction. These beefy treads are constructed to keep you solidly connected to the earth no matter what gets in your way.

Tire recommendations for your Ford F150Recommendations for your Ford F150

Lets find some new tires for your F-150.

Lets find some new tires for your F-150.

We’ll help you find the right tires in a few steps.

We’ll help you find the right tires in a few steps.

Or search by tire size

Leveling & Lift Kits

Get the look and performance you want with bigger tires.

Truck manufacturers like to allow for cargo weight and rear suspension compression. So, trucks usually built so that the rear of the vehicle is slightly higher than the front. A leveling kit raises the front of your truck to even out the vehicle’s stance. For those drivers who don’t carry heavy cargo, this kit will allow you to run larger wheels and tires. Strut spacers fit between the chassis and the upper spring perch to raise the chassis without affecting the suspension geometry. The shock absorption, handling and steering feel remain largely unchanged. But if you have one installed, it’s a good idea to also get an alignment.

Lift kits are an aftermarket vehicle modification to lift either the body or suspension, giving it a higher profile.The body kits lift the body from the frame. It raises the wheel wells to allow for taller tires, but doesn’t increase ground clearance or improve the suspension. Off-roaders tend to prefer a suspension lift kit. It replaces the front and rear leaf springs and shocks to create more suspension travel and allow for much taller tires. But remember, the vehicle's handling will be somewhat altered from its stock feeling. The higher the lift, the less stable the vehicle can become when making a sharp turn at a higher speed.

  • Ford F150 33"
    33" Tires

    Minimum lift: front leveling kit

    Recommended wheel size: 20" +

    Entry-level off-road trucks that spend most of their time on highways and paved roads can benefit from the more aggressive look and minor off-road capabilities of 33” tires. A leveling kit is an economicalz option that allows the clearance needed to fit larger-than-stock tires. This might be the best solution for drivers who don’t want to add too much ride height, but still have the occasional need to head off-road.

  • Ford F150 34" lift
    34” Tires

    Minimum lift: 4.0”

    Recommended wheel size: 20" +

    Interested in a mild lift instead of a leveling kit? 34” tires might be the way to go. You’ll get that more aggressive look without having to do a large lift. Making sure you have enough usable wheel travel is essential with these tires, so some minor trimming may be required to eliminate any tire rub.

  • Ford F150 35inch lift
    35" Tires

    Minimum lift: 6.0”

    Recommended wheel size: 20" +

    These tires are very popular for the F-150s that have larger lifts of 6” or more. They’ll increase your ground clearance and give you more confidence when you decide to head off-road. Installing 35” tires means keeping an eye on the usable wheel travel.  Like 34” tires, these may require some minor trimming to make sure there isn’t any tire rub.

  • Ford F150 37inch lift
    37" Tires

    Minimum lift: 7.0”

    Recommended wheel size: 20" +

    Take to your F-150 to the next level with 37” tires.  Your truck gets an awe-inspiring stance and superior off-road performance. These tires also deliver increased ground clearance and one of the most aggressive looks you can get. But while a 37” tire gives you more clearance, a taller lift is required. To make sure rubbing isn’t an issue, some trimming may be in order.

Don't forget about the wheelsDon't forget about the wheels

Do you want your truck to stand out in the crowd? Go ahead, customize your Ford F150 with a new set of wheels. We have 15 major wheel brands and hundreds of styles to choose from. Here are a few recommendations for your ride.

Give your F-150 a customized look!

Give your F-150 a customized look!

We’ll help you find the perfect wheels in a few steps.

We’ll help you find the perfect wheels in a few steps.