Covid-19 FAQs

Covid-19 FAQs

Information and updates about our current situation.Information and updates about our current situation.

1. Can I still get new tires?

Yes, as an essential business, we are open to serve you. We are carrying all the same tire brands and will work with you to safely get you back on the road.

2. What is an essential business?

Belle Tire will stay open in accordance with the Department of Homeland Security’s “Guidance on the Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce” ( dated March 18, 2020.  This guidance has been referenced and followed by all states where we operate.

3. What services are you currently offering? 

We are currently offering our full range of services while making adjustments in our processes to keep everyone safe. From contact free to curbside check-ins to staying in your vehicle while we service it, there are a number of adaptations we are offering to keep our customers and employees safe.

4. How are you protecting customers?

Customers can remain in their vehicle during check-in, communicating with the store staff at a safe distance or you can call us. We ordered kickplates for our stores so customers don’t have to touch the doors in-case you feel comfortable enough to come inside. Keys can be transferred via dropboxes.

5. How are you protecting your employees?

All technicians wear latex gloves and will use protective covers for floor mats, seats, and steering wheels. You can pay with your phone or verbally/visually provide your credit card information. We’ll process your payment and email you your receipt. We provide a “no touch” key exchange, taking and returning your keys to you without any physical contact.

6. Can I stay in my car?

Yes, for certain services, you will be permitted to remain in your vehicle during check-in and even while it’s in the bay. For tire replacement however, for your safety and ours, we have to ask you to step out of the vehicle and will have a safe waiting space available.

7. Do I have to go inside the store?

No, you don’t if you decide to stay in your vehicle which is available for select services. You are also welcome to wait outside, weather permitting.