Car Battery Repair and Replacement

Car Battery Repair and Replacement

Your car battery is the true lifeline of your vehicle. Lets take a closer look at how they work, tips for maintenance, and reasons why your battery might not be working properly.

Your car battery is the lifeline of your vehicle. Lets take a closer look at why it might not be working properly.

A Belle Tire tech is using a flashlight to inspect a green-encased car battery.

We offer car battery inspectionsWe offer car battery inspections


Checking your battery and making sure it is in great shape is important to your vehicle's overall performance.

Have your battery checked, at least, once a year if it is more than two years old. You can visit any local Belle Tire store to have one of our automotive experts give your battery a free inspection.


Excessive low and high temperatures are two of the most common causes of damage to your battery, which means it may become weaker during the winter and summer months. Our ASE Certified technicians will inspect your battery with a free load test to determine its strength and condition and make sure it is working properly.

There are some steps you can take to help keep your battery in optimal condition. Keeping the top of it free from dirt, which acts as a conductor and drains its power, is one key step to maintaining your battery. You can also make sure to shut off all of your accessories at night such as the lights, heat and interior lights.


When it is time to replace your current battery, Belle Tire has you covered with Interstate Batteries which include Mega-Tron II and Mega-Tron Plus batteries. These maintenance free batteries are designed to deliver maximum performance under the toughest conditions.

Our technicians will install your new battery*, clean the battery tray, cables and connectors, and replace any corroded parts.

Learn more about the importance of auto care and the parts of your vehicle that work with your battery to keep your vehicle running, properly.

*Some installations may be free, depending on the make and model of the vehicle. Please ask your Belle Tire guy for more details as some vehicles may have complex placements of the battery and there will be a charge applied to your invoice.