Having a cracked, chipped or damaged windshield is inconvenient, but you have to get it fixed. It's important to your safety behind the wheel. The answer could be a simple windshield repair. But it could also mean it's time to have the entire windshield replaced. Belle Tire's AGRSS certified auto glass experts are here to help with all of your auto glass needs. In fact, we are the only tire retailer to offer auto glass services at all of our more than 90 locations throughout Michigan, northern Ohio and Indiana.

Should you repair or replace your windshield?

How do you know when your vehicle is eligible for a simple repair? As a general rule, you are probably able to have a repair if your windshield chip is no bigger than a quarter. You are also mostly likely eligible for a repair if the damage is not in your line of sight and isn't located on the edge of the windshield. But you want to act fast because chips can easily turn into cracks due to bumps on the road and hot or cold temperatures, along with several other weather or road variables.

If the chip or crack has begun to spider out into larger cracks, the front windshield needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

Why is it important to repair a cracked windshield?

Your windshield provides up to 70 percent of the structural integrity of the roof of your car. This means that having a damaged windshield can compromise your safety on the road.

Your windshield also helps your airbags function properly. For example, passenger airbags bounce off the windshield before they work to protect the passenger. If the windshield is not in great shape, the airbag may malfunction in the case of an accident.

Why come to Belle Tire for your windshield repair or replacement services?

Belle Tire's AGRSS certified team of auto glass experts use only the best materials for windshield repair and replacement. They also ensure quality installation if you're in need of a new windshield. We are also conveniently located near you, with more than 90 Michigan, northern Ohio and Indiana tire shops.

What is the process for replacing a windshield?

Our auto glass experts will explain the process to you when you visit any of our more than 90 locations. If you prefer mobile home or office service for your auto glass repair or replacement, our team will walk you through the process over the phone. The technician will remove the old windshield from your vehicle and replace it with a new one, using the most advanced adhesives and primers. The windshield will be cleaned and if there is any broken glass, it will be vacuumed out of your vehicle. You'll need to allow about an hour before you can drive away. But if you're using our mobile service, the vehicle will be ready to go before it's time for you to leave for the day.

Our replacement services also include the rear windshield and car window.

Call 1-800-NEW-GLASS to speak with one of our local auto glass experts near you for a free estimate or to schedule an appointment today.