The first thing you probably say to yourself when you experience auto glass damage is: how much will this cost? You don't want to put off repairing or replacing your windshield, rear windshield or car window because they all contribute to the integrity of your vehicle's structure and your safety. This is why Belle Tire offers competitive pricing when it comes to having your auto glass repaired, quickly and conveniently.

Repairs start as low as $44.95 or may be fully covered by your auto insurance and won't affect your insurance rates. Belle Tire works closely with most insurance companies to take care of the claim for you. Your auto glass needs will probably fall into one of the two following categories: Your current windshield can be repaired or your current windshield needs to be completely replaced.

The total cost of that auto glass repair or replacement service will depend on the extent of the damage and where it is located on your vehicle, along with the vehicle make and model. You are responsible for any outstanding cost that isn't covered by your insurance or if you have coverage but the cost is less than your deductible. If the cost is more than your insurance deductible, you are also responsible for those costs where applicable.

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