Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS).

Count On The TPMS Experts At Belle Tire For Prevention, Service or Replacement of Your TPMS Parts!

TPMS sensors are fragile and can easily be damaged as your vehicle ages or when you replace your tires. Replacing your sensors’ parts, including seals and valve cores, is vital to keeping the sensor operating safely and extending the life of the sensor(s). The TPMS experts at Belle Tire can inspect your sensors and recommend if they need to be replaced or serviced.

TPMS Light: Warning Signs

tpms warning light

If this dashboard warning light comes on, it is important to have the problem diagnosed and serviced immediately.

Many people aren’t familiar with the Tire Pressure Monitoring System warning light, or what the symbol means.

The Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) symbol is an important part of the safety of your vehicle. It alerts you if:

  • A tire’s pressure is low
  • If there is system malfunction
  • The system detects a problem with a tire.

When the Tire Pressure Monitoring System light comes on in your vehicle, you need to bring it into a facility, like Belle Tire, that knows how to diagnose the problem, properly fix it and have the sensor reset or replaced.

The ASE Certified Technicians at Belle Tire are trained to diagnose any problems with your TPMS. Your TPMS system will be quickly serviced by experts you can trust. So why go to a dealer, when Belle Tire is right in your neighborhood. Plus, Belle Tire offers a full line of affordable replacement sensors and parts for all vehicle makes and models.

TPMS: How It Works

TPMS Wheel Cross-section

After 2002, many vehicles manufactured had TPMS installed in them. Belle Tire carries an extensive line of affordable replacement sensors to fit any car or light truck, if your sensor should fail or become defective.

  • Affordable TPMS replacement sensors from Belle Tire are the best alternative to factory original equipment.
  • TPMS replacement sensors are cost effective, can be easily installed by a trained Belle Tire technician and meet specific applications based on your vehicles year, make and model.

Add the safety and confidence that comes with a new TPMS system installed by a certified Belle Tire technician today. Problems like low tire pressure can lead to tire stress, uneven tire wear, loss of control and even accidents.