Winter Tire Package Search

The proper winter tire and wheel package not only enhances safety, it actually saves money (not to mention wear and tear) over having to mount and dismount the tires on your current wheels each season. Enter your vehicle’s information below to find the package options that are right for you.


Tires to Battle the Four Seasons of Winter

Snow is just the start! Winter Tires provide enhanced control in dry, wet, freezing rain, ice and snow conditions, delivering 25-50% more traction than All Season Tires. Designed to remain pliable in temperatures below 45º, Winter Tires also provide up to a 42% improvement in stopping distance, and increase traction control. Because of this vast improvement in handling characteristics, it is highly recommended that you install a full set of Winter Tires on your vehicle and not just a pair. Installing only two tires in the back of the vehicle won’t help you with steering or stopping in the front of the vehicle. (Typically 60% of stopping power is supplied by the front brakes & tires).

Why Winter Wheels?

Installing your Winter Tires on a dedicated set of Winter Wheels will not only prolong the looks of your summer wheels by saving them from harsh road salts and sand, they will also save you the costs associated with mounting and balancing the tires each season. In addition, both your Winter and Summer Tires will benefit from not having to endure the added fatigue of being mounted or dismounted every season.

Need an offseason tire storage solution?

When you purchase a Winter Tire & Wheel package at Belle Tire, you might wonder what you are going to do with the offseason tires and wheels. At Belle Tire we’ve got you covered with our optional Offseason Storage Service!

No more wet tires stored in your garage, or in your basement. No more cramming tires and wheels in to the back seat and trunk of your vehicle, and struggling, trying to take them home from the tire store after your offseason tire changeover. Belle Tire now offers an offseason tire storage solution. We will valet your tires and wheels from any Belle Tire you go to. Your tires and wheels will be cleaned and stored in Tire Gloves in our secure, climate controlled distribution center. When you’re ready to change back call your local Belle Tire and we’ll ship your tires and wheels to your store for reinstallation.