Radiator Flush Service

Keep your car healthy with a coolant flush at Belle Tire!

Regular care and maintenance of your coolant system is the easiest way to prevent a major expense down the road. This includes an annual inspection of the cooling system to test coolant levels, pH and the freezing point. If during the inspection a problem is detected a radiator flush service at Belle Tire will help to keep coolant flowing freely throughout your engine.

Watch out for warning signs that your vehicle needs a radiator flush or a complete cooling system service, like:

  • High temperature gauge readings even if your vehicle is full of coolant
  • Steam rising from the engine compartment
  • Coolant in the passenger compartment or strong smell of antifreeze
  • Coolant drips or puddles under the car
  • Coolant warning light

A complete coolant flush service includes checks to critical areas such as:

  • Coolant system hoses
  • Accessory belt inspection
  • Radiator tank leak check
  • Water pump
  • Visual Inspection for leaks

Coolant leaks or radiator problems? Stop by your local Belle Tire, today! The ASE certified technicians at Belle Tire have the radiator flush service to help your vehicle stay cool!