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  • Move over Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile® there’s a new signature automobile in town and this one doesn’t get soggy when wet!  L.L. Bean has created the “Bootmobile,” a Ford F-250 Super Duty truck with a 20 foot long and 13 ...

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  • Do you normally wait until the warning light comes on before fueling up? Me too! I dread filling up my tank while standing in the freezing cold and blowing wind so I put it off as long as possible. This ...

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  • Home to several University of Michigan athletic teams, what is now known as Crisler Center was constructed in 1967 and subsequently renovated in 1998 and 2001. The arena was named after legendary Wolverine football coach Herbert O. “Fritz” Crisler.  In ...

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  • Did you find your vehicle slipping around out on the roads during our recent snow fall and storms? While we have definitely been experiencing a relatively mild winter with above average temperatures and below average snowfalls throughout Michigan and Ohio, the winter season has finally arrived. You may be driving on a set of worn tires with low tread and are considering putting off your tire purchase until the Spring, our advice in a word is “Don’t!” It is definitely not too late to improve your winter driving experience and invest in a set of winter tires.

    Our customers are constantly surprised at the tremendous difference that can be made just by investing in a set of winter tires. There are many benefits to buying a set of winter tires for your vehicle including:

     • Increased mobility and traction in winter conditions including snow and ice.

    • Improved gas mileage as winter tires can actually help you get more miles per gallon.

     • Decreased wear on your all-season tires that can spin during winter driving conditions and increase their wear.

     • Another potential savings is the cost of a tow truck should you need to be pulled out. While winter tires aren’t perfect they can definitely reduce your risk of getting stuck this winter.

     Check out our other blogs posts on winter tires: A Time for Winter Tire and Wheel Packages and Give Your Car an Edge with These Great Winter Tires. Come in and see one of our Tire Experts at your local Belle Tire and we can help determine the perfect tire for your vehicle. 

    Source: National Motorists Association

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  • Businesses that support Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) and employ ASE-certified technicians subscribe to the Code of Responsible Automotive Servicing Practices and the ASE-Certified Technicians' Code of Ethics.

    These standards require vehicle repair and service shops to maintain the finest quality ...

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  • The Falcon F7 from Falcon Motor Sports originally made its debut at the 2011 North American International Auto Show. After becoming certified as an automobile manufacturer in December of 2011, this year’s show featured the first consumer car produced.

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  • Every year, new car concepts and production launches light up the automotive industry at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit. The 2012 NAIAS certainly highlighted the best new vehicles the world has seen in years.

    These automotive ...

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  • The North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) is among the most prestigious auto shows in the world. The 2012 NAIAS is conclusively educational, entertaining and astonishing in its 24th year as an international event.

    Cobo Hall Detroit Michigan

    There are many great highlights ...

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  • What is now known as the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) started as the Detroit Auto Show in 1907 and was managed by the Detroit Area Dealers Association (DADA). When the show began it started with just 17 exhibitors ...

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  • Have you been nearly blinded by an oncoming vehicle recently and wondered, “Why are their headlights so bright?!” There are a couple reasons including the increase in electric powered vehicles on the road and the use of LED bulbs in ...

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