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  • Although it is technically the shortest month of the year, February’s bitter temperatures can easily make it feel like the longest. Luckily, there are plenty of local water parks in Michigan and Ohio where the temperatures are a balmy 82 ...

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  • Living in the Midwest there are typically two mentalities when it comes to winter weather; hibernate until spring or embrace the white stuff. We’ve rounded up some local activities across Michigan and Ohio with something for everyone whether you prefer ...

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  • Belle Tire, Michigan's largest tire dealer is happy to celebrate the recent openings of our two newest Michigan locations in Grand Blanc and Lapeer.

    In all, we have been fortunate enough to open four total Michigan locations including stores in ...

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  • Looking for a festive holiday activity?  Check out our list for suggested holiday lights displays in your area.  Before you bundle up to head out be sure to visit the appropriate websites for light show hours, associated costs, parking information ...

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  • November marks the start of the busy holiday travel season. With many of us traveling across town, the state or even the country to visit family and friends, attend work parties or partake in holiday events; it is easy to ...

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  • Since the mid nineties Tireman has served as Belle Tire’s official mascot. He’s since appeared in hundreds of commercials, is an integral part of our logo and branding and can be seen at special events. 

    So, think you have what it takes to go as Belle Tire’s lovable mascot Tireman for Halloween?


    Here’s What You Will Need:


    • Red Pants or Leggings

    • Long Sleeve Royal Blue Top

    • White Shoes

    • Red Cap with “Tireman”

    • White Gloves

    • White Cylinder Body with Black Tire Tread Marks

    • Your best Tireman voice to say “Belle Tire!”

    When it comes to the “tire” portion of the costume, be creative! Make sure your costume is comfortable and that you can easily sit and walk while wearing it.

    Tireman’s fans have sent us some great costumes they have created over the years!


    If you decide to go as the Belle Tire Tireman, we would love to see your photos! Email or send them to us via social media on Facebook. Twitter, Google+ or Instagram.

    From all of us here at Belle Tire, have a safe Halloween!

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  • belle-tire-lapeer-flint

    ALLEN PARK, MICHIGAN, October 4, 2013- Belle Tire Distributors, Inc. is proud to announce the opening of their 87th retail tire store location in Lapeer, Michigan. 

    Belle Tire Lapeer is located at 1056 South Main Street is a 10,000 ...

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  • fall-roadtrip-michigan
    Summer is over but there is still plenty of fun to be had in Michigan and Ohio before the year ends. Enjoy the cooler temperatures and take in the stunning fall foliage while you set out on an adventure this ...

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  • Belle Tire Open in Greenville, MI
    ALLEN PARK, MICHIGAN, September 9, 2013-
    Belle Tire Distributors, Inc. is proud to announce the opening of their 86th retail store location in Greenville. 

    The new store located at 1525 West Washington Street is comprised of a 10,000 square foot ...

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  • When it comes to caring for your tires are you an ‘A+’ student or do you need to head back to school? Take our Tire Knowledge Quiz and see how you measure up! 

    Question: How often should you have your tires rotated?

    • A) Every 3,000 miles
    • B) Every 6,000-8,000 miles
    • C) Once per year 
    • D) Only if tires are showing signs of irregular wear

    Answer:  B- Regularly rotating your tires is one of the easiest things you can do to maximize their life and ensure even wear.  Your owner’s manual can give you an exact guideline but most tire manufacturers recommend rotating your tires every 6,000-8,000 miles.  A good rule of thumb is every other regular oil change. Many auto repair facilities, including Belle Tire can send you a reminder via email when you are due for a rotation. 

    Question: What coin can you use to check your tire’s tread depth?

    • A) A penny 
    • B) A quarter
    • C) A dime
    • D) A silver dollar

    Answer: B – While using a penny used to be the industry standard, it is now widely recommended that using a quarter is the best way to check your tread depth. The Penny Test looks for 2/32” of remaining tread depth while the Quarter Test  looks for 4/32”.  The difference between the two could be your safety. Tires that can pass the Quarter Test stop an average of 24% shorter on wet pavement when traveling at 70 miles per hour compared to tires with just 2/32” of tread. This can be the equivalent of 12.5 school busses.  In addition to significantly reducing braking distance, drivers will also notice an improvement in overall grip.

    Question: Where can you easily find the recommended tire pressure for your tires?

    • A) The tire information placard on your Drivers Side door 
    • B) On the sidewall of the tire
    • C) In the truck with your spare
    • D) In the owner’s manual

    Answer: Trick question: The answer is A and D The recommended tire pressure for your tire can be found on the tire placard which is located in the driver’s side doorjamb or the owner’s manual. Be sure never to inflate your tires to the pressure that is listed on the tire itself. The number listed on the tire is the absolute maximum pressure the tire can hold, not a recommendation.

    Question: What is the best way to check your tire pressure?

    • A) Looking at the tire
    • B) Kicking your tire
    • C) Using a tire pressure gauge
    • D) Waiting for the TPMS light to come on

    Answer: C- The best and most accurate way to check your tire pressure is by using a quality tire pressure gauge.  Visit any Belle Tire store location during business hours to check your tire pressure and use our free air.

    Question: When should you have your alignment checked?

    • A) When new tires are installed
    • B) When new shocks and struts are installed
    • C) If your tires are showing unusual wear 
    • D) All of the above

    Answer: D- It is crucial to have your wheel alignment checked after installing new shocks and struts or tires. Irregular tire wear is a major indicator that your vehicle is out of alignment. You should have regular alignment checks to help ensure your vehicle is inline and that your tires are wearing properly.  Alignment checks are free with your tire purchase at Belle Tire.

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