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  • When purchasing all season truck or SUV tires, the buyer is faced with the challenge of selecting the best tire for their vehicle that meets their needs. Selecting the right tire is all about compromise, balance, and personal preference.

    An added element of compromise is added when buying tires for an SUV: Do you buy beefy tires that will take you and your 4x4 off the beaten path, or do you buy more car-like street tires because, let’s face it, that is where you do most of your driving, right?

    The key to finding a balance between “durability vs high performance” and “off-road capability vs. on-road comfort” is all-season tires.

    Let’s look at three all-season tires for SUVs. Most SUV drivers are looking for a combination of good performance during light off-road duty, a comfortable on-road ride, and good traction in snow and rain – one tire that will essentially do it all.

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    Mastercraft’s Courser HTR, Courser HTR Plus and Courser AT2 each fit that criteria providing that balanced combination. A quick overview of each tire provides a glimpse into their differences.

    While all three will meet most SUV’s driver’s needs, the Courser HTR offers enhanced traction and performance on wet and winter road conditions, a quiet and comfortable ride and a 60,000-mile treadwear warranty.

    The Courser HTR Plus gives impressive performance in bad weather, good handling and reduced noise.

    The Courser AT2 provides solid handling and balance of wear, a 50,000-mile mile treadwear warranty, and it’s priced below major brands.

    Remember, most SUV drivers never go off-road, so most folks do not need large and heavy off-road tires. The compromise all-season tires give are a comfortable ride, good overall traction in many different environments, and long treadwear. Generally all-season SUV tires will have the look of an off-road tire, but with a much nicer on-road ride than an off-road tire can provide. 

    Come in to a Belle Tire near you to chose the best set of all-season tires for your vehicle.

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