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  • Since the mid nineties Tireman has served as Belle Tire’s official mascot. He’s since appeared in hundreds of commercials, is an integral part of our logo and branding and can be seen at special events. 

    So, think you have what it takes to go as Belle Tire’s lovable mascot Tireman for Halloween?


    Here’s What You Will Need:


    • Red Pants or Leggings

    • Long Sleeve Royal Blue Top

    • White Shoes

    • Red Cap with “Tireman”

    • White Gloves

    • White Cylinder Body with Black Tire Tread Marks

    • Your best Tireman voice to say “Belle Tire!”

    When it comes to the “tire” portion of the costume, be creative! Make sure your costume is comfortable and that you can easily sit and walk while wearing it.

    Tireman’s fans have sent us some great costumes they have created over the years!


    If you decide to go as the Belle Tire Tireman, we would love to see your photos! Email or send them to us via social media on Facebook. Twitter, Google+ or Instagram.

    From all of us here at Belle Tire, have a safe Halloween!

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  • belle-tire-lapeer-flint

    ALLEN PARK, MICHIGAN, October 4, 2013- Belle Tire Distributors, Inc. is proud to announce the opening of their 87th retail tire store location in Lapeer, Michigan. 

    Belle Tire Lapeer is located at 1056 South Main Street is a 10,000 ...

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  • fall-roadtrip-michigan
    Summer is over but there is still plenty of fun to be had in Michigan and Ohio before the year ends. Enjoy the cooler temperatures and take in the stunning fall foliage while you set out on an adventure this ...

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  • Belle Tire Open in Greenville, MI
    ALLEN PARK, MICHIGAN, September 9, 2013-
    Belle Tire Distributors, Inc. is proud to announce the opening of their 86th retail store location in Greenville. 

    The new store located at 1525 West Washington Street is comprised of a 10,000 square foot ...

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  • When it comes to caring for your tires are you an ‘A+’ student or do you need to head back to school? Take our Tire Knowledge Quiz and see how you measure up! 

    Question: How often should you have your tires rotated?

    • A) Every 3,000 miles
    • B) Every 6,000-8,000 miles
    • C) Once per year 
    • D) Only if tires are showing signs of irregular wear

    Answer:  B- Regularly rotating your tires is one of the easiest things you can do to maximize their life and ensure even wear.  Your owner’s manual can give you an exact guideline but most tire manufacturers recommend rotating your tires every 6,000-8,000 miles.  A good rule of thumb is every other regular oil change. Many auto repair facilities, including Belle Tire can send you a reminder via email when you are due for a rotation. 

    Question: What coin can you use to check your tire’s tread depth?

    • A) A penny 
    • B) A quarter
    • C) A dime
    • D) A silver dollar

    Answer: B – While using a penny used to be the industry standard, it is now widely recommended that using a quarter is the best way to check your tread depth. The Penny Test looks for 2/32” of remaining tread depth while the Quarter Test  looks for 4/32”.  The difference between the two could be your safety. Tires that can pass the Quarter Test stop an average of 24% shorter on wet pavement when traveling at 70 miles per hour compared to tires with just 2/32” of tread. This can be the equivalent of 12.5 school busses.  In addition to significantly reducing braking distance, drivers will also notice an improvement in overall grip.

    Question: Where can you easily find the recommended tire pressure for your tires?

    • A) The tire information placard on your Drivers Side door 
    • B) On the sidewall of the tire
    • C) In the truck with your spare
    • D) In the owner’s manual

    Answer: Trick question: The answer is A and D The recommended tire pressure for your tire can be found on the tire placard which is located in the driver’s side doorjamb or the owner’s manual. Be sure never to inflate your tires to the pressure that is listed on the tire itself. The number listed on the tire is the absolute maximum pressure the tire can hold, not a recommendation.

    Question: What is the best way to check your tire pressure?

    • A) Looking at the tire
    • B) Kicking your tire
    • C) Using a tire pressure gauge
    • D) Waiting for the TPMS light to come on

    Answer: C- The best and most accurate way to check your tire pressure is by using a quality tire pressure gauge.  Visit any Belle Tire store location during business hours to check your tire pressure and use our free air.

    Question: When should you have your alignment checked?

    • A) When new tires are installed
    • B) When new shocks and struts are installed
    • C) If your tires are showing unusual wear 
    • D) All of the above

    Answer: D- It is crucial to have your wheel alignment checked after installing new shocks and struts or tires. Irregular tire wear is a major indicator that your vehicle is out of alignment. You should have regular alignment checks to help ensure your vehicle is inline and that your tires are wearing properly.  Alignment checks are free with your tire purchase at Belle Tire.

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  • As the summer travel season winds down, now is the perfect time to pack up the car and hit the road to one of these great attractions in Michigan and Ohio! Be sure to stop by your local Belle Tire...

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  • Summer travel brings more drivers to the roads and the National Safety Council reports that the 4th of July is the most deadly holiday in the United States.  Many people hit the road to enjoy a long weekend and increased travel combined with alcohol and fireworks can be a dangerous combination. 

    DRINKING AND DRIVING DON’T MIX: Whether you are behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, boat, jet-ski or ATV, drinking and driving do not mix. Alcohol is a factor in nearly half of all deaths during the 4th of July. If you are celebrating with an alcoholic beverage, be sure to designate a sober driver or utilize a taxi. It is also important to refrain from participating or supervising aquatic activities.  Alcohol influences balance, coordination, and judgment, and its effects are heightened by sun exposure and heat according to the CDC. 

    SPARKLE SAFETY: Watching firework displays put on by professionals is the safest way to enjoy a light show.  Children should never been allowed to use fireworks, even sparklers unsupervised. Seemingly harmless fireworks such as firecrackers, bottle rockets and sparklers actually account for the majority of injuries. 

    DON’T TWEET AND DRIVE: Distracted driving includes texting, mobile instant messaging, updating social media platforms and sharing photos. This common habit is more deadly than drunk driving; ensure you are giving the road your full attention by committing to cease use of your cell phone when you’re behind the wheel. Having trouble breaking the habit? Check out tips on how to quit once and for all here.

    BUCKLE UP: Michigan law requires that all drivers and passengers between the ages of 8-15 must wear a seat belt at all times, no matter what seat of the vehicle they are in. According to the Michigan State Police, “Every 1 percent increase in belt use means 10 fewer traffic deaths and 130 fewer injuries. In 2012, 225 people who died in Michigan traffic crashes were not buckled up.”  Michigan previously led the country in seat belt usage in 2008 and 2009 but has seen a decrease over the last three years. 

    CHECK YOUR CHILD SAFETY SEATS: Think that your child’s safety seats are correctly installed? Think again.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that 3 out of 4 car seats are not used correctly.  Children under eight years of age must ride in a properly installed car seat or booster seat unless they are 4’9” tall. 

    TAKE YOUR TIME: Give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination. With many more travelers out on the road and summer construction season in full swing, prepare to encounter delays. 

    From all of us here at Belle Tire, have a safe and happy 4th of July holiday! 

    Michigan State Police, “More than 8,700 motorists cited for not buckling up during Click It or Ticket”
    National Safety Council, “4th of July Most  Dangerous Holiday” Read the Full Story
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    For many, July is a peak month for summer travel so it is the perfect time to make sure your vehicle is in good condition. As temperatures and traffic volumes increase, many motorists will find themselves stranded on the side ... Read the Full Story
  • ALLEN PARK, MICHIGAN, June 18, 2013-Belle Tire has partnered with Palace Sports & Entertainment to provide lucky fans with the opportunity to “Win Belle Tire’s Seats” to select concerts this summer. 

    Belle Tire, Michigan’s largest independent tire retailer, is the presenting sponsor of the summer concert series at both DTE Energy Music Theatre and the Meadow Brook Music Festival. Each month fans will have the opportunity to enter to win Belle Tire's premium seats, putting them up close and personal with their favorite performers. Artists include alternative rock group O.A. R., hip-hop performer Wiz Khalifa and country singer Keith Urban. 

    “We are proud to sponsor the Belle Tire Concert Series and give fans the opportunity to win our seats. Enjoying a great show at DTE or Meadow Brook during the summer months is truly an awesome social experience that we are excited to be able to share,” said Sarah Haines, Marketing Director for Belle Tire.

    How to Enter to Win Belle Tire’s Seats: 

    O.A.R. with Andrew McMahon and Allen Stone | June 30, 2013 at Meadow Brook Music Festival 

    This contest has ended. Congrats to Donny A. from Troy! 

    Wiz Khalifa and A$AP Rocky | Wednesday, July 31, 2013 at DTE Energy Music Theatre 
    Enter here:

    Keith Urban with Little Big Town and Dustin Lynch |Sunday, August 4, 2013 at DTE Energy Music Theatre   Enter here:

    About Belle Tire

    Allen Park, Michigan based Belle Tire was founded in 1922 when it opened the first Belle Tire location in Detroit. Today, the company has expanded to more than 85 locations across Michigan and Ohio. Belle Tire offers discount tires and a variety of automotive repair service ranging from auto glass repair, auto glass replacement, brakes, alignments, vehicle batteries, shocks and struts, exhaust system repair, batteries and oil changes. For more information about Belle Tire, visit

    About DTE Energy Music Theatre and the Meadow Brook Music Festival 
    The DTE Energy Music Theatre amphitheater in Clarkston, Michigan consistently ranks among the top-selling outdoor concert venues in the country. With a capacity of over 15,000 for the pavilion and lawn, DTE is a popular destination for many of this summer’s top touring acts. The Meadow Brook Music Festival is located on the campus of Oakland University and is an intimate venue to catch a show.  Both properties are owned and operated by PS&E. 

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  • belle-tire-nascar-joe-nemechek

    Brooklyn, MI., June 14, 2013 – NEMCO-JRR Motorsports is happy to announce that Belle Tire Distributors, Inc., headquartered in Allen Park, Michigan, will be the primary partner on the #87 for both NASCAR races at the Michigan International Speedway in ...

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