We've Got a Guy!

Everybody has a guy who they call when it’s time to have their plumbing fixed or who they go see when it’s time to have their dry cleaning done. You probably have a guy for all those crucial times or errands that have to be done so you can stay on top of your busy schedule. And Belle Tire has a guy to make sure nothing stops you from getting where you need to go.

The leading regional tire and automotive retailer is now bringing the guy to the forefront of its advertising with its My Guy re-branding. The same guys who have been around for more than 90 years – behind the counter, on the service floor and in the distribution center – delivering the best tires and auto service in the industry – from Michigan to northern Ohio and, most recently, Indiana at the Lowest Tire Price, Period!

By the way, the guy isn’t always a guy, sometimes it’s a woman. The new advertising is the essence of what Belle Tire stands for and articulates what it has always stood for: hard work and authenticity.

The re-branding includes the in-store signage, radio, TV, print and digital where there will be a special focus on attracting Millennials and women, two very important groups in retail.

The re-branding communication is the first work from MARC USA and will debut on October 3rd at the start of the key fall tire buying season. The company was named Belle Tire’s advertising agency of record in July 2016.

My Guy isn’t a campaign. This positioning defines the brand and articulates what Belle Tire has always stood for from its beginning in the auto capital of the world, right through today. The people of Belle Tire are the difference between the other retailers out there.

This sort of advertising is different for the category but based on a simple human truth – we all need a guy. It’s true to what’s made Belle Tire a leader in the tire retail category.

The goal of My Guy is to help the brand emotionally connect with today’s increasingly important customer groups – women and Millennials – without alienating the middle-aged males the category has talked to for decades."

The TV schedule includes heavy prime time programming in all key Belle Tire markets in Michigan, Indiana and northern Ohio.

Check out the exciting new ad below and make sure to visit one of our guys at the location nearest you when it's time for tires, wheels and auto service.