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Search for custom chrome, polished and painted rims and wheels to instantly upgrade the look and performance of your vehicle.

The Belle Tire Wheel Visualizer maximizes your experience by allowing you to see the custom wheels you select on your vehicle before you visit a store to buy them. If you don't see what you're looking for, we're continuing to add more vehicles and wheels to the Wheel Visualizer everyday to improve your experience. You can also call your local Belle Tire and speak to one of our wheel experts.

When you search for wheels, after entering vehicle info, click the "SEE IT ON YOUR VEHICLE" button and the Visualizer will launch.

Search Wheels by Vehicle

  • Search Wheels by Vehicle allows you to view wheels that will specifically fit your vehicle. Plus sized rims are also available and can be found using the “plus sizes” dropdown.
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Search Custom Wheels by Size

  • The Custom Wheels Size Search is for users who know the exact dimensions of the wheel they require. Most users are recommended to use “Search Wheels by Vehicle” to ensure an exact fit.
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Need further assistance? Find one of our local tire and wheel experts who can help you put together a tire and wheel package that makes your car really stand out in a crowd. Choose from popular brands like American Racing, Bazo, Dub, Enkei, Foose, KMC, MKW, Motegi, Moto Metal, TSW and many more!