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Phone: (734) 259-2422

45875 Ford Road
Canton, MI 48187

Hassan Mackie, Manager

Monday8:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Tuesday8:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Wednesday8:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Thursday8:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Friday8:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Saturday8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Directions: Southwest corner of Ford & Canton Center

Belle Tire provides complete tire and auto service in Canton, MI. Find auto services in the list appearing below. Find tires in Canton, MI, browse over 250,000 name brand tires in stock or contact Belle Tire about your car's unique symptoms. Sign up for the Belle Tire Advantage and save $20 on your next purchase, view current rebates or search for tires today!
Tire Sales and Service:

Belle Tire handles everything from simple valve stems and flat tire repair to TPMS replacement.

Wheel Sales and Service

With 1000s of wheel selections from over 60 wheel brands like American Racing, Dub, Enkei, and Falken, finding the right wheel is easy.

Complete Auto Care

Belle Tire provides services to keep your car safe and running great, like tuneups, brake service, oil changes, and more.

Windshield repair and Auto Glass:

Belle Tire Auto Glass repairs and installs windshields and auto glass using AGRSS certified installers. Stay safe with top-quality materials from the largest auto glass replacement company in Michigan.

Store Reviews

5 star

July 14,2016


Very impressed with the service today. I had a flat and on arrival could see that the place was very busy. However I was checked in within a couple of minutes and the guy apologized that it may take about an hour and would be $20. I told him that was fine, since I would go hang out at Starbucks and shop a bit. Although, I didn't get a call to say it was ready, when I went back about 90mins later - my car was done. As I walked in the office the guy that had checked me in said Hey Kim,sorry it took so long but you are all set - today is on me.' I was impressed he remembered my name, but thrilled that there was no charge. WTG Belle Tire!

5 star

June 9,2016


Timely service and the staff was very friendly

5 star

December 22,2015


Great service with honesty. Rare combo today. Thanks

5 star

August 22,2015


Great service, reasonable prices. Have been taking all three of my cars there for years. I would highly recommend Bell Tire of Canton.

5 star

July 31,2015


I have been there three times and very happy with their service and the honesty. They fixed my car no charge . I take my car to other places they don't fix it for two three days, at the belle tire it takes only few hour . . Thank you !! If the rate was to ten I was gone give them 10.

5 star

July 20,2015


It took 4 times to figure out why my wife's car A/C did not work, but in my opinion, Bell Tire did right by us... 1st visit: Charge system. The technician did the work on Saturday and said he didn't think the A/C was cold enough so we should bring it back during the following week. 2nd visit: Technician replaced filter. 3rd visit: Air was not cold enough so we went back. Technician search and did not find problem. But - no charge! 4th visit: A/C not working. Technician recharged system and added additional dye. Finally found the cause (leak in A/C line going to auxiliary unit in back of Envoy. Bell does not do those, but they recharged unit - no charge! My thanks to Matt for being so thorough - at least now I know what I have to get fixed!

5 star

May 24,2015


If reviews went to 10 i would put ten this was the most professionally run store i've ever seen had work done on my truck 2 years ago and im looking to come back soon, i wouldn't go anywhere else

5 star

May 19,2015


Polite and knowledgeable. Good pricing and on time.

5 star

July 22,2014


We've had extensive business with our Canton Belle tire since last fall with our 3 cars. The guys are very nice, respectful. They do alot of things "no charge" that other places charge for. They are efficient. I've never had to leave my car more than a few hours. Belle Tire is our main auto place other than if we have to take our vehicles to the dealership. Thank you guys at Belle Tire Canton

5 star

June 23,2014


Very busy but greeted us all upon arriving. Fast, efficient and friendly service. Done 30 minutes before promised time. Also very clean facilities and free wi-fi was great!! Thank you!!

5 star

March 29,2014


I ended up at this Belle Tire store because of its location when I had a tire emergency - and I will never go elsewhere for service. Bob was so kind and could sense that I was stressed about my tire that was losing air very quickly. I handed over my keys and my car was pulled into one of the bay stations immediately with a valve stem issue. Not even 15 minutes later I had my keys and was at the counter to pay. I recommend this store to anyone and everyone. Thank you Bob and everyone else at Belle Tire Canton!

5 star

January 5,2014


Absolutely fantastic. Seriously. I was recommended to go there. I live in Royal Oak and will go there for everything now no matter what. Lowest price possible, no unnecessary additional repairs needed. Just straight up took care of business. Honestly. No one put me up to say this either.

5 star

April 8,2013


You guys made my day, again. I own a 07 Prius, and the tire pressure light came on. I was getting ready for a road trip to Florids, so I needed it checked. You checked the pressure in all the tires and reset my TPS in less than 10 minutes. No worries for my trip now.... Thanks Scott.......

5 star

March 28,2013


Just had my winter tires removed and replaced with my warm weather tires. All done in less than a half hour, at no charge.. You guys are great......

5 star

December 29,2012


Repaired my tire at no charge even though it was an original tire on my F150. I have always gone to the Canton Belle Tire store for my tires and will continue to do so. Friendly, knowledgable staff.

5 star

December 28,2012


These guys are amazing! They always recommend the best service, they tell me how long it will be, and I've never had any problems with their work! I would highly recommend them for all your auto needs, I've been using them for years!

5 star

October 17,2012


My batttery died and the team at Belle Tire Ford rd were amazing. Jeremy the tech was an amazing multi-tasker. They were out of the battery type, but had it delivered in 10 mins. The store was about 1 hr from closing and I thought I would be out of luck for the night, but they did evrything within 20 mins of delivery and got me back on the road before closing time. Thank you Jeremy and Doug Laura Daley

5 star

May 5,2012


I can't recommend these guys enough. I've had three visits to them and each time they've been incredibly fast, very courteous and professional, above all they've been fairly priced. Top Rated!

5 star

May 1,2012


I just returned from Clearwater Beach, FL. After trying to get my TPMS light reset at three different tire stores as well as Sears in Clearwater, FL. None of them could reset my light. So I went to Clearwater Toyota, They wanted $109 dollars to reset the light. This morning I came to see you and was out of there in less than 10 minutes with my light reset for no charge. You guys are great....

5 star

April 28,2012


Always great service and they try to save money for me! I am so glad to have found them. I don't worry about being ripped off and they do a great job. Nice waiting area, too.

5 star

February 7,2012


I've been going to canton location for three times so far, and every time I recieve an outstanding service. They provided an excellent customer service in adition to their great experience. Definitely will be back again!

5 star

November 8,2011


Top Notch - these guys do everything. Doug has a great team. They will do it right.

5 star

August 29,2011


I have gone to this location several times over the past few years for varying services. I have always received EXCELLENT customer service and appreciate the time that Nathan, and other technicians take to explain the work being done on my car.

5 star

April 20,2011


Words can't even begin to express how greatful I am to Doug for going the extra mile. I was a first time customer, but it won't be my last time coming to this location. I have been and will continue to spread the word to all of my family and friends that the Canton location is TOP NOTCH.

5 star

February 28,2011


Been going to this location for years, great service.

5 star

February 20,2011


Wow! Customer service does still exist and it's at Belle Tire! I've been to the Canton location for my sons tires and tires for my van. I've had a window motor replaced in the past and I "thought" I needed the other one replaced recently. The mechanic came out and said "the window was just off the track and he straightened out the stripping and it was no charge". Wow from thinking over $150.00 to "You have a great day Mr. K." I'll be back again and again!!! Thanks Doug to you and to your great team!!

December 1,2010


Doug Franklin is AWESOME!! Thank you, Doug!

5 star

August 30,2010


Was very good service and no one made any comment about my triangle head, I am very self conscious of that.

5 star

August 20,2010


I am thankful that you do more then just sell tires

5 star

July 13,2010


I was extremely happy with the service that I received at this Belle Tire location, from Dave Brandes. I called to verify that the tires that I wanted were available and was told they needed to be ordered and would take no longer than an hour to have them installed. When I told him about the bad experience at a previous Belle Tire location, he assured that he would take care of me. When he called me that the tires were in, I went over and they were installed within 45 minutes. He also gave me a generous discount on the tires for the bad experience at the previous location. I will gladly return to this Belle Tire location in the future.

February 15,2010


I was very happy with the service I had today. Ron was very helpful and nice. I had a oil change and tire rotation and was done before I knew it. Thank for the fast and awesome service.

September 17,2009


I have been very happy with Belle Tire and normally go to the one on Plymouth Rd but I had to have a windshield replaced and was told I could go to the Canton store where they assured me a glass man was always in. I was told I did not have to call and was surprised to find out the glass man had called in sick. Needless to say I was upset at what I thought was going to be a wasted trip. I was pleasantly surprised when Doug and his crew said lets see what we can do and got someone to come to fix my car. Being in the health-care field I know what this kind of service means. I think Doug and his crew went the extra mile to make sure I did not waste a trip. I will be happy to refer anybody to this service center. Again kudos. Paul

5 star

December 18,2008


Each time we visit your Belle Tire Store in Canton our expectations are exceeded. The personnel are friendly, very helpful, and prompt. The store is immaculate with hot coffee and a current newspaper for you while you wait. Our son buys his tires here and I use the store often for service, and will continue. Hassle free and priced fairly! Thanks for looking after our tire needs. Jack

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