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Phone: (616) 328-5454

3235 Plainfield Ave NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49525

Kevin Horrigan, Manager

Monday8:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Tuesday8:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Wednesday8:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Thursday8:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Friday8:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Saturday8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Directions: N. of I-96

Belle Tire provides complete tire and auto service in Grand Rapids, MI. Find auto services in the list appearing below. Find tires in Grand Rapids, MI, browse over 250,000 name brand tires in stock or contact Belle Tire about your car's unique symptoms. Sign up for the Belle Tire Advantage and save $20 on your next purchase, view current rebates or search for tires today!
Tire Sales and Service:

Belle Tire handles everything from simple valve stems and flat tire repair to TPMS replacement.

Wheel Sales and Service

With 1000s of wheel selections from over 60 wheel brands like American Racing, Dub, Enkei, and Falken, finding the right wheel is easy.

Complete Auto Care

Belle Tire provides services to keep your car safe and running great, like tuneups, brake service, oil changes, and more.

Windshield repair and Auto Glass:

Belle Tire Auto Glass repairs and installs windshields and auto glass using AGRSS certified installers. Stay safe with top-quality materials from the largest auto glass replacement company in Michigan.

Store Reviews

5 star

October 21,2016


This is an amazing group of people. I would recommend them to anyone. Thanks guys.

5 star

March 24,2016


I blew a tire and this was that closest tire store. They helped me find the right tire and it took no time to replace. They were helpful and I will recommend them to anyone

5 star

May 14,2015


Very good Customer Service. Very Speedy and the waiting room was very clean.

5 star

March 1,2014


I had a bad tire leak, needed to get it taken care of quickly, and only had time on Saturday because of my work schedule. They found the leak and fixed it quickly (a half hour better than their estimate). Best of all, they did it for free.

1 star

December 19,2013


Hate to rain on the 5 star parade here. Maybe I caught them on a bad day.I drove in with a flat tire. It was 8:15. I asked if I could get the tire repaired. "No problem. We have two cars ahead of you, but we will get you in as quick as we can." An hour and a half later, my car is still sittting in the parking lot. I walked up to ask how things were going. A different manager says to a guy that came in with the same situation, that they will have him in an out in an hour. I asked, if he is getting in and out in an hour, how come my car hasn't moved and I have been here and hour and a half? The response? Throw the first manager under the bus. "Well sir, we DO have appointments. I guess (name of the first manager) should have told you it would be a couple hours." So I asked for my keys back, drove my car up the road and had Discount Tire fix it in 20 minutes for free. So, while I have had many instances of good service here over the 15 years I have used them, bought no less than 6 sets of tires, many sets of brakes and other assorted work, I am not returning to this location. When people to not tell you real waiting times, even if it is not the best news, I am not returning. It will be interesting to see if this review makes it up on the board.

5 star

December 17,2013


It's so hard finding good trustworthy service around here, but Belle Tire on Plainfield was AWESOME! The guys were the guys were supper nice and helped me out soo much! They did everything on the phone with my father who is 250 miles away and made sure everything was perfect! I'm am now a loyal customer of the Plainfield and or anyother Belle Tire around!

5 star

August 10,2013


Living close to the Plainfield store is just frosting on a very good cake. I have had mechanical work done and bought many tires over the years from them. I have never had to question what was being done. I have never had any issues with the work or products. The free rotations and pressure checks are nice, the prices are GREAT but the helpful people, esp. Sam are the BEST.

5 star

July 27,2013


The reviews about this store are legit. The guys here are awesome and the service is top notch. I rarely right reviews, but this store deserves it. If you need tire service this is the place to have it done. You won't be sorry.

5 star

July 9,2012


I recently have had several contacts with the folks at the Plainfield store. Not only did they have the best deal for the tires for my vehicle, they go above and beyond everytime I come there. I heartily recommend this store anyway.

5 star

June 9,2012


This is long overdue, but in July, 2011, we were on our way to a family camping trip, pulling our 27' trailer. As we were nearing Grand Rapids, one of the tires on our trailer broke off on I-96. We got off at the next exit and there was Belle Tire! They told us of an RV repair store down the street, but they couldn't take us until the next morning. The salesman at Belle Tire, Brian Davidson, looked at our trailer, worked with some of the mechanics, and decided they could do the job for us. It took some time for them for get a needed part delivered, but they got us back on the road! I'm a loyal customer here in Dearborn, where I live, but I now have a great store in Grand Rapids too! Great price too!

5 star

May 11,2012


We just had to have a lot of work done to our car and brought it to Belle Tire in an emergency. They did a fantastic job and had the car done by the next morning. Not only is the car working much better, but we were able to save at least $600 by taking it to Belle Tire rather than our regular mechanic. They were so helpful and so genuine. We'll be going to them from now on!

5 star

November 7,2011


First off, every time I have to stop into a tire store it is never a trip I want to make because something bad had to happen. Well I needed to replace all my tires on my suburban and that isn't cheap. Tom, took good care of me and was able to make it a quick and easy process. I even needed a spare and wheel that he ordered and delivered to me on his way home, I live about 40 minutes out of GR. this was the best experience I've had. Thank you

5 star

October 20,2011


Very good experience with this location. Sam is a very nice manager to take care of the needs. Would shop again at this location. Cant say the same for 28th street location.

4 star

April 6,2011


I had an amazing visit and had great service but it took forever other than it was awesome!

5 star

January 24,2011


I had brakes put on my vehicle. Not only were the prices competitive with every place else I called, they fixed my emergency brake cable with no additional fee. Customer Service was top notch!

5 star

December 10,2010


I was referred to belle tire by my co-workers to see Matt Teets. I got excellent service & a great price on the tires. I feel like I'm driving a new car. Matt went above & beyond what I expected. Thanks Matt you got yourself a customer for life.

5 star

June 7,2010


We had a tire almost blow and we made it to belle tire on plainfield. The manager, his name is Matt Teets immediately came out to look at the truck. we also were pulling a trailer loaded with 13 goats and it was 90*. Matt went above and beyond to help us unhook the trailer and get it in the shade, he also help us get water to the goats. Matt treated this like an emergency, he got the truck in immediately, had all his guys working on it and had us back on the road in an HOUR! This was on a Friday and the start of Memorial weekend, they were so busy, but put our truck at the head of the line due to the heat and the goats, helped us hook back up and get us on our way. He was the BEST! You need to know what a GREAT employee you have working for your company. He was outstanding, along with the employees who put four new tires on our truck. Thank you so much to Matt and his employee's for helping us out and keeping the Goats as comfortable as possible in the heat.

April 29,2010


Excellent place to do business. Talked with Joe on the phone,the custom wheels I needed were in stock, drove the 31 miles to Belle Tire on Plainfield in GR and in no time I was driving back home.I couldn't get better personal service anywhere else. I'll be back. Thank you Belle Tire. Special thanks to Joe.

April 14,2010


The team of guys who work at this location are amazing. This is one of the few businesses that has your well-being in mind rather than their profits. Thanks for always being so honest and always doing a great job! Even though spending money on my car is one of my least favorite activities, you guys make it bearable.

February 5,2010


These guys are Great! I had some trouble with the brakes and hadto leave the Grand Rapids area. but I left the car in the lot. Call them to check the brakes. They found the problem fixed it quick and even stored the car until I could return. As I live in Troy and could get there until Thursday. They were just Great. That's why I always bring my cars to Belle Tire. Thanks

September 5,2009


My Car had Some Serious Issues and I had Limited Funds!!! These Guys Bent Over Backwards and was able to get Everything Repaired Within My Budget!! WOW!! A Company that does Put Customers First!! Thanks Again!

5 star

January 28,2009


I just bought 4 new tires and overall it was a wonderful experience. I will continue returning to Belle Tire.

5 star

January 28,2009


I needed a new battery in my van the other day and I was in, out and back on the road in no time. Thank you guys! I will be back!

5 star

January 28,2009


I have been a loyal Belle Tire customer for almost 6 years now, and you never let me down.

5 star

January 12,2009


Belle Tire did a great job on getting my car a new tire at a great price. I'm now a loyal customer!

5 star

August 29,2008


I just bought four new tires. And, Belle Tire handed me expert service and did not hassle me. Great service, great rate, and great location!Thanks for the great job!

5 star

April 19,2008


Again, You guys did anther GREAT JOB! I bought 4 new tires from you and was out the door in under 15 minutes! Great Deals, and Great Prices, thats what keeps people coming back. Just wanted to thank you again for a good job!

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