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Directions: Just North of Auburn Rd

Belle Tire provides complete tire and auto service in Rochester Hills, MI. Find auto services in the list appearing below. Find tires in Rochester Hills, MI, browse over 250,000 name brand tires in stock or contact Belle Tire about your car's unique symptoms. Sign up for the Belle Tire Advantage and save $20 on your next purchase, view current rebates or search for tires today!
Tire Sales and Service:

Belle Tire handles everything from simple valve stems and flat tire repair to TPMS replacement.

Wheel Sales and Service

With 1000s of wheel selections from over 60 wheel brands like American Racing, Dub, Enkei, and Falken, finding the right wheel is easy.

Complete Auto Care

Belle Tire provides services to keep your car safe and running great, like tuneups, brake service, oil changes, and more.

Windshield repair and Auto Glass:

Belle Tire Auto Glass repairs and installs windshields and auto glass using AGRSS certified installers. Stay safe with top-quality materials from the largest auto glass replacement company in Michigan.

Store Reviews

5 star

July 19,2014


Great Service, awesome crew and always professional. Store and waiting area is clean and comfortable. They won me over 5 years ago and have continued to keep my business. Oh, and Anthony is a great service rep as is the manager Jerry.

5 star

February 3,2014


Jerry the Manager took great care of me. I had my late brothers car towed to Jerry needing 4 new tires, suspension work, a 4 wheel alignment, and a new battery. The work was performed quickly and was well done. I drove the car 1300 miles back to Colorado the same day I picked it up and it drove perfectly. Many thanks to Jerry and his crew for a job WELL DONE!

5 star

September 5,2013


I was there today to have a nail removed from one of my tires and get it patched. It took a little over an hour before I was on the road again. I really appreciated the fact that there was no fee to do this. A little goodwill gesture like this goes a long way with people and will help them earn my future tire business. Smart business practice!

5 star

May 20,2013


I wanted to say how great of a job everyone did at the rochester location, I have always been a customer of belle tire and everyone at this location reassured me why. Today I had a bad tire blow out and was stranded, I toom my rim there to get a new tire on it to take back to my car. Even though they had a two hour wait, the girl at the front who was helping us (I didn't catch her name) got us in and out in under 15 minutes because we were in a rush to get to work. The guys from tge shop also helped us roll it to the car and put it in the trunk. They went over and above for me today when they could of told me that I have to wait.

5 star

May 14,2013


I've dealt with this Belle Tire store for years and not just for tires but brakes and other repairs as well. I keep coming back because of the excellent service they consistently provide. Give them a won't be disappointed.

5 star

November 8,2012


Hard to believe, this Bell Tire store fixed my nail-in-tire problem without charge. I am sure this is just one of their many big business-winning services. I am also very impressed by their friendly and professional manner. Just to say, thank you!

5 star

March 24,2011


Fast & friendly -- fixed my pot hole damaged rim in no time & for no charge!! I'll be back the next time I need tires.

5 star

March 10,2011


The help of JOE FARREL was professional with a personal touch. he arranged transportation to and from the shop while my car was being repaired. Thank you so much for that service.

5 star

February 15,2011


I received the best service at this location. Better then any other location I've gone to. Very nice and honest customer service! This location does it all! My experience was with Joe Prior assistant manager.

5 star

November 10,2010


I contacted the Belle Tire and spoke with Joe about his opinion comparing a couple different brands of tires for what my needs were. I had a brand in mine anyway, and he nailed the brand that I was going to buy. The tires had to be ordered so it was about a week before I could get to the store. When I got there the place was busy, The guys were very courteous and polite. The wait was acceptable considering the amount of business. When they checked my alignment they let me know that I needed some repairs before they would consider doing the alignment. Not many places would do that for their customers. I'll be going back in a few weeks so they can do the repair and alignment. I would like to add that when I did my research on prices and quality of brands, Belle Tire beat everybody hands down. Thank You very much for honesty with the customers.

5 star

August 24,2010


Always fast and courteous service and quality maintenance/repair work at a very reasonable price.

5 star

June 16,2010


A huge and sincere "THANK YOU" to Scott, Eric, David, and Skippy...You fixed my car! Thank you to Skippy for finding the broken engine cradle bolts (that no one else could find in nearly 2 years of fighting with mechanic after mechanic) - and to everyone else for not only being so kind to me, but for the immediate service I received. I couldn't be happier about what you have done. We will be utilizing you again for repairs needed - you guys are THE BEST! Thank you - Thank you - Thank you!

December 17,2009


On Tuesday, December 15 I stopped at your Rochester Hills store to inquire about a replacement battery and to purchase new wiper blades for my 2006 Buick Lucerne. Your associate, Ryan Lewis, was the salesperson who assisted me. Ryan was most knowledgeable about the battery issue and the replacement wiper blades. (I didn’t need a battery, but I did need new wiper blades.) Ryan took the time to answer all my questions and never appeared to be in any hurry to just “make a sale.” I suspect he treated me the same for this minor sale as he would treat me if I were purchasing new tires, which I’ll be doing soon, and fancy expensive rims. This young man appears to possess all those qualities employers should look for in their employees. He’s a great representative for your company. I hope you appreciate his efforts as much as I. Nick, the technician who installed the new wiper blades, should also be given accolades for his efforts. It’s always a pleasure to deal at the Rochester Hills Belle Tire. This experience was especially satisfying.

December 15,2009


I just had to take a moment in this holiday season to say thanks for the great service and helpful personnel at my Belle Tire store. They have have always responded quickly and with real caring when I have needed help in a time critical situation. I respect their advice and have never felt they were trying to sell me something I didn't need. I am so grateful for their work -- and so I am glad to tell my friends to go to Belle Tire to be well taken care of. Happy Holidays! That had been my experience in other locations where I have lived also.

December 14,2009


I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how great the guys at the Rochester Hills store are. I have been going there for years and have always been treated with respect. I don't know much about car repair but everytime I had to have something done it was explained to me so I could understand what had to be done. I do not remember the names of the guys that work the counter, but they are great. And the one mechanic named Tim is the best, he has always treated me well. And has always been truthful about any repair needed. Explained why I needed it done and actually has shown me if I did not understand. I just can't rave enough about these guys. You have a customer for life because of them. Happy Holidays.

5 star

June 5,2009


Thank you for the great service. Not only were you truthful with some very painful cost repairs, but you also got the work completed neatly, quickly, and exceptionally professionally. For that, I thank you and have the utmost gratitude.

5 star

June 4,2009


Thanks for the great service! You answered all my questions and hooked me up with some awesome rims. I love this location! While my car was worked on, I went next door to Barnes and Noble and relaxed with a coffee and checked out their books. The store manager Scott came into the store to let me know that my car was ready. WHAT SERVICE!! Keep up the great work and thanks again:)

5 star

April 7,2009


I just wanted to express my total satisfaction with the service at this store. I have had service here in the past and the staff is always excellent even though most of the repairs have been done at no charge. That's really saying something in this day and age. They even let me in before the store opened this morning. I have recommended this store to family and friends several times in the past and will continue to do so. Keep up the great work!!! Thanks again, Erika

5 star

December 9,2008


I took my van in for a battery check as it went dead and I had to have it jumped. Your Rochester Hill store is just 3 miles from me, so I took it there because they were open until 8:00 and it was already 6:45. The vehicle was assigned to a service tech. After checking out my battery, he told me that after doing a check on it, the battery seemed fine and that he didn't feel in his opinion that I needed to replace it at this time. I was shocked to find a store that would actually tell me I didn't need something and of course this cost the store a sale of a battery. However, all it really did was gain a customer for any and all future automotive repairs that this store is capable of handling. I figure that if a store can pass up a sale just to be honest, they deserve my future business and I assure you they have it. I would have taken this guys word that I needed a new battery without even questioning him, because I planned on having to buy one anyway. I just wanted to say this act of honesty has gained you a future customer because now I know I can take my vehicles to this store and know that what I am being told is the truth. So yes, it did cost this store a battery sale, but this store gained a loyal customer from now on. Please let the store manager and this service rep. know that I appreciated their honesty in dealing with me. I will be back and that is a prommise Happy holidays to you and your great company!!!

5 star

July 13,2008


On 7/11/2008 I had a nail in the rear passenger tire. I used the temporary fix and plugged the hole then took the car to Rochester Hills location of Bell Tire to have the tire patched. 2740, rochester road 48307.The tech who worked on my tire was very careful he located with the marker where the pressure sensor was supposed to be and started working and i was watching all the time since i love my car.unfortunately when the tire came out..(and he used the touchless machine) the band that was around the sensor broke off.he came to me and told me so and showed me the OEM band which in my opinion was cheap and piece of crap that ford used and it could happen to any one. He told me he did hundreds of those and this is the first time he breaks one accidentally.I believed what he said because i saw first hand how careful he was.The manager in the back ground without me noticing made calls to get a new band that was not available at the dealer nearby.he made the effort to get it from another dealer even the original band could be put together with a little adjustment but he did not want me to have trouble in the future with a temporary arrived and was in and i checked out to find that the total charges were 0$.I told him that i would like to pay for the labor and the patching they did and what happened could not been avoided after i saw the quality of the OEM band. he insisted on that and told me that he will help in any future problem.THE tech's name is Taylor...bless his heart he is excellent and professional and i will have him himself working on my future tire needs you bet ya.The managers name is:Scott Clayton..he went all the way and an extra mile to have my problem solved and to satisfy me as a customer.Even if it still exist....But it is rare nowadays where you find this honest, professional old fashion business way where customers are treated first class.Kudos to Bell Tire and to the team there and especially to Scott the manager. and PLEASE IF THERE IS A WAY TO SEND HIM A RECOGNITION FOR HAVING ME AS A PERMANENT CUSTOMER AS FAR AS TIRE NEEDS AND FOR THE UNIQUE WAY HE HANDLED BUSINESS.Lastly thx for reading my email which is lengthy but i had to do it.yours,mohammad 313 729 7727

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