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Located on the southwest corner of Maple & Orchard Lake

Belle Tire provides complete tire and auto service in West Bloomfield, MI. Find auto services in the list appearing below. Find tires in West Bloomfield, MI, browse over 250,000 name brand tires in stock or contact Belle Tire about your car's unique symptoms. Sign up for the Belle Tire Advantage and save $20 on your next purchase, view current rebates or search for tires today!
Tire Sales and Service:

Belle Tire handles everything from simple valve stems and flat tire repair to TPMS replacement.

Wheel Sales and Service

With 1000s of wheel selections from over 60 wheel brands like American Racing, Dub, Enkei, and Falken, finding the right wheel is easy.

Complete Auto Care

Belle Tire provides services to keep your car safe and running great, like tuneups, brake service, oil changes, and more.

Windshield repair and Auto Glass:

Belle Tire Auto Glass repairs and installs windshields and auto glass using AGRSS certified installers. Stay safe with top-quality materials from the largest auto glass replacement company in Michigan.

Store Reviews

5 star

September 26,2016


Chris was my service agent and was pleasant and helpful. Turned out I had a nail in my tire. They took care of it promptly with no charge. Could not believe it. All they ask for is to come back when I need tires. Plan to have a front window replaced there.

5 star

June 14,2016


On June 1, 2016 I was in West Bloomfield for Surgery at Dr. Gray's office. After surgery were leaving to head back to Ohio and we noticed we had a flat due to a large nail. We pulled in and told them I just got out of surgery how long would it take cause I need to get home. My wife explained everything and they were really busy that day. They patched my tire on our mini van and secured a loose bumper we had in less than 30 minutes I think and didn't even charge us a dime and wouldn't take any money! The guys were so nice and professional I was stunned and still am. I THANK YOU ALL very very much!!!! We need more places like that and people like you in this world.

5 star

April 28,2016


Once again Chris and crew saved me Big Money!! I was told I needed some repairs that when checked by Chris and Crew were not neccessary at this time..Thanks guys

5 star

March 14,2016


The crew at this Belle Tire location is nothing short of stellar. I had a flat tire and swapped it out for the spare. Ran my truck over to Belle Tire and they refilled the flat tire as requested and swapped out the spare. All for $0. Would recommend and will be back.

5 star

March 25,2015


The management and staff of the this Belle Tire store was a great experience. I came in late in the afternoon with a nail in my tire loosing air rapidly. It was clearly a busy day at the store. I needed to get my tire repaired quickly so I could get to my son's baseball game that day. Ash and Brian stepped up and made a difference. I was back on the road in less than an hour on very busy day for them. It is easy to see great "customer service" in our society today as it has unfortunately becomes so rare. Thank you again guys for making a difference yesterday.

5 star

August 12,2014


My car was broken into and my passenger window needed to be replaced. Bob was able to assist me in getting the glass replaced the very next day and the customer service was awesome! They really helped me out and helped resolve a unfortunate situation. I will be using their services for my car needs in the future & definitely recommend them!

5 star

March 12,2014


My wife brought her 2012 Enclave with a near-flat tire to the Belle Tire in West Bloomfield. The guys there could have easily convinced/intimidated her to buy a new (or all new) tires. Instead, they patched her tire, and sent her on her way charging her nothing. They simply requested that in the future, we buy tires from them. We will, without fail, without hesitation. That kind of honesty earns customers for life – that includes our entire family.

5 star

February 20,2014


I wrote a review in 2011 stating that I was so impressed with Belle Tire that when I needed tires in the future I would get them at Belle Tire...well February 2014 I just got my New Sumitomo tires...and as expected Brian and his crew were Excellent!! I went in at 4:30 and was out by 5:45..Awesome service and great tires for the price!!

5 star

February 6,2014


Brian, Jay and Dino were outstanding in their desire to make sure I was satisfied with the tire, and shock replacements I needed for my Ford Fusion. The price for the job was extremely competitive and when a noise issue developed after the shocks were installed, Jay worked for several hours to locate and correct the problem (a defective new shock) - all at no additional charge. I will continue to use BT and recommend their service to my family and friends. Great Job, guys!

5 star

December 7,2013


great service

5 star

November 22,2013


Derek Casbar and his staff were absolutely amazing! I am from Canada and got 4 new tires from the Novi location 3 weeks ago. I got an irreparable flat tire back in Canada and had no way of bringing my car back to Bell Tire. I brought the flat back in my sisters trunk (to the Bell Tire in West Bloomfield) and they were able to replace it for me at no cost. Being a student on a budget, this made a huge difference. I am so extremely grateful for their generosity and helpfulness ! They were amazing !

5 star

August 10,2012


Great service, in every aspect. The staff realized my time is important. They caused me a minor inconvenience and they made up for it in a big way. I know a little about cars and car trouble. I over heard them speaking with customers about car repairs and found them to be right on and honest.

5 star

November 12,2011


I had a flat tire occur on my way to work and had to have it fixed at a local gas station, I noticed that after they " plugged " the tire I had a Slow leak daily and had to fill the tire with air daily. I took my car to the maple Belle Tire to have it fixed correctly, not only did they fix it " correctly " they would not charge me for the repair!! My car is a 2010 so I will not need tires for awhile but you can bet I will go back to them for new tires when the time comes...BTW I had to get those guys some hot bagels for their time...Thanks again Belle

5 star

July 27,2011


Derek, did a great job! The appointment scheduling was very convenient, and same day service was, too. All four tires were changed quickly and other work done on my car. We at Sun Heating & Cooling have a fleet of trucks that Bell Tire takes care of. Great Job!

5 star

June 6,2011


My co-worker recommended BT to me, and I have already recommended it to others. Online appointment scheduling was very convenient, and same day service was, too. All four tires were changed quickly and the staff was very friendly and efficient. Excellent people skills by all I encountered. I returned a few weeks later w/o an appointment about a sound I started hearing after getting the new tires, and they checked it out, even drove with me to listen for the sound. They took a look at it and the problem was fixed, quickly and without charge. Will definitely return when the time comes for new tires. Highly recommended.

5 star

June 8,2010


I went there about a gas freon problem with my car. Mr Howard Stein, the manager of the location was very knowledgeable about the issue and took immediate care of the problem. I went to another mechanic before i went to BTWB and they told me it would cost $500, Howard and the guys took care of it immediately, fixed the problem, quickly and it ended up costing me only $20. I am very happy with their help and they have proven capable other times as well. If you are having any issues with your vehicle i definitely recommend going to Belle Tire located on West Maple in West Bloomfield.

April 22,2010


My friend was quoted almost $1500.00 by another store for 4 new tires, brakes, rotors and other small amenities. In a difficult financial position, as we all are in nowadays, Howard came to the rescue and fixed her vehicle for more than half of that price! To have come through with customer service like he did & work with us is nothing short of amazing. We really appreciate you & your staff for working on her car on such short notice! Thank you Howard for taking care of us as human beings & not just another dollar.

January 6,2010


Howard, I would like to extend my gratitude towards one of your store. Unfortunately, I got a flat tire during my ride home from the doctor office. Fully knowing that my ride home was a distance of 35 miles, I couldn't expect the temporary spare to go the distance. It was around 5:30 PM. By the time I got the tire off and put on the spare it was 5:50 PM. I look around and saw 3 place right next to each other - Belle Tire, Discount Tire and Midas. I first went to Discount Tire because they hardly had anyone in their store but the person at the desk mentioned that they were closing in 5 minutes and I could leave it to get fixed tomorrow. Now I know why they didn't have anyone in their store. I immediately went to Belle Tire and inquire what time they closed and that I had a flat and had to travel a long distance home. Without even a thought the guys proceeded to write me up and grabbed the tire to fix it. They had me "out the door" in about 15 minutes and on my way home. Oh, by the way, the weather had changed while I was waiting to "freezing drizzle". I cannot say enough about the young man and the rest of the guys who stayed over to help me out. WAY TO GO GUYS! Thank you! Jim Hartman

November 6,2009


My wife and I have been taking our cars to the West Bloomfield store for about five years, and have always been treated like family by your staff. I would like to bring to your attention a short story that concerns this store and its staff; if you can think of a better example for "being treated like family", please let me know. On the morning of October 30th I was on my way to Oakland University, where I had to take a PhD Qualifying exam. I don't think it is necessary to explain how important it was for me to get there on time that morning... Unfortunately, a short time after I dropped my kids at school, the battery warning light started blinking, the engine started to heat excessively, and I lost power steering. Fortunately, all that happened less than a mile away from your store. In the store, Mr. Howard Stein immediately attended to my problem and informed me that someone would evaluate the car as soon as possible. It took less than a minute for a mechanic to get into the car and start diagnosing it. In the meanwhile, Mr. Stein informed me that the problem had probably resulted from hitting big water paddle, what made the belt fall off. He also informed me that reinstalling the belt should be a matter of minutes, and that if the car could not be fixed on time for me, he would let me take his own car. After 15 minutes he showed me my keys, smiling, and told me that everything was fixed, and that all pulleys were checked and found to be OK. I have no idea what these pulleys are, but I surely trust these guys to know! I would like Management to know that thank to these guys our cars will never set their wheels anywhere else but in that store. Thank you for providing a great service from a reliable staff. Keep up the good work! Thank you all so much!

November 4,2009


Jeremy was wonderful. He went above and beyond great service. I was in Michigan on business when my rental car had tire issues. I thought I was going to have a terrible day stuck in Michigan with a undriveable car 8 hours from home. Jeremy, however, knew what the car needed and got it fixed immediately. He turned what could of been a terrible day into a pleasant experience. Very helpful!!!

October 19,2009


The customer service was excellent. My tire was replaced immediately without any problems. I will definitely recommend my friends and family. Thanks again.

August 27,2009


The staff here is fantastic... great service and always friendly. I had a nail in my tire and they took care of it quickly and without charge. I have been coming here for years and will be back for years to come. Thanks especially to Josh & Jeremy!!

5 star

May 10,2009

Giving customer service a new level- raising EVERY car bar there, efficient, and all-around amazing service.

5 star

April 8,2009


The staff at the West Bloomfield location are the role model of what every business customer service department should have as a goal. They were knowledgable,courteous and performed the service within the timeframe as promised. I am VERY SATISFIED with my service experience!

5 star

April 1,2009


Jason got my battery replaced on my BMW immediately, and service was excellent. I will always have my car serviced here. They are honest, and reasonable in price.

5 star

March 19,2009


Fantastic service. Great treatment!!! AND NO CHARGE!! I had nail in tire. My thanks and appreciation to one fine staff and operation

5 star

February 27,2009


Howard Stein and the rest of the staff at the Belle Tire in West Bloomfield are outstanding at what they do. They always find a way to get me the absolute best deal in an efficient and fast way. They also are experts on car care and other maintenance needs. I recommend this tire shop to anyone and everyone I meet who needs work on their vehicle.

5 star

February 20,2009


Howard Stein, Jason, and all the guys are great. I have received the greatest customer service every time I am in their store. This team and store are the most courteous and consistent people I have known. I will take my cars to Howard and the guys forever.

5 star

February 17,2009


Howard and Belle Tire staff - thank you so much for quickly and inexpensively replacing my tire rim. You guys are great. I'll see you for my next oil change and when I need new tires. Hopefully I won't hit any more potholes until next winter! Many thanks again.

5 star

January 23,2009


Howard Stein is a wonderful addition to your W.B. team. Not only is he thorough and courteous, he is fair. I will continue to bring my vehicle to this location even though I have another one closer.

5 star

January 22,2009


Thank you so much for the wonderful work you did on my car. It drives just like it did when I bought it. The price was really good and the service was excellent. Howard thanks so much for taking such good care of us.

5 star

January 22,2009


H. Stern provides unparalleled , prompt and courteous service! Thank you so much, for taking care of our car troubles. We will bring our auto service needs to you, always!

5 star

December 9,2008


Mr. Stein: I want to thank you for the excellent service I have received at the West Bloomfield store. I always have been treated courteously and with honesty. That is why I continue to use Belle for all my tire needs. I appreciate it if you could forward this message to the corporate office. Thank you!!!

5 star

December 8,2008


Just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know what a great experience we had at your West Bloomfield store. Our salesperson, Jason Fluckey, was extremely helpful and courteous. He was very knowledgable about your products and assisted us in choosing the perfect tires for our truck. We are very satisfied customers and will continue to come to Belle Tire for service. Great job, Jason!

5 star

November 23,2008


If I would have had a manager and crew like the one you have put togeather at the maple location, I would be driving in with a Rolls Royce today. Great Crew!!!

5 star

September 2,2008


Just wanted to let you know that the people and service at the West Bloomfield MI location are excellent!! They have been great to me and my various vehicles. Kudos to them!

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