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Kevin VanHeusen, Manager

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Corner of Monroe and Wisner across from Home Depot

Belle Tire provides complete tire and auto service in Jackson, MI. Find auto services in the list appearing below. Find tires in Jackson, MI, browse over 250,000 name brand tires in stock or contact Belle Tire about your car's unique symptoms. Sign up for the Belle Tire Advantage and save $20 on your next purchase, view current rebates or search for tires today!
Tire Sales and Service:

Belle Tire handles everything from simple valve stems and flat tire repair to TPMS replacement.

Wheel Sales and Service

With 1000s of wheel selections from over 60 wheel brands like American Racing, Dub, Enkei, and Falken, finding the right wheel is easy.

Complete Auto Care

Belle Tire provides services to keep your car safe and running great, like tuneups, brake service, oil changes, and more.

Windshield repair and Auto Glass:

Belle Tire Auto Glass repairs and installs windshields and auto glass using AGRSS certified installers. Stay safe with top-quality materials from the largest auto glass replacement company in Michigan.

Store Reviews

5 star

July 28,2014


Steve went out of way to help me out. I had gotten 2 tires at walmart because that was the closest place I could find that was open after I got a flat. the kid at Walmart won't not put the tire on where the spare was saying there was something wrong with the stud or nut. I found Belle tires and they inspected thestuds and nut and found nothing to be wrong and balanced and installed the tire. Needless to say I was happy not to drive home to chicago on a spare . Great job.

5 star

June 26,2014


I recently had my Taurus serviced at the Jackson Store. My service was great and the work on my car was reasonable. I will definitely be a return customer.

5 star

January 23,2013


Have purchased tires and shocks for two vehicles in last four years in Jackson. Terrific service and fair prices. Have undersold and over delivered nearly every time. Completely satisfied and highly recommended. Only wish I lived closer.

5 star

October 28,2012


I have purchased 3 sets of wheels and 8 sets of tires over the past 3 years. Service at Belle Tire in Jackson is awesome!!! Kevin, your entire staff is a direct reflection of great training and leadership. I recommend you guys to all my friends and family. Keep up the good deals. I don't even shop any more because your prices were always way less when I did waste my time comparing. Thanks!!

5 star

September 7,2012


I have been a loyal customer of Discount tire for my entire adult life and until recently i would have never given Bell tire a second thought. I was driving home from my Mother's house last Monday evening when a loud thumping came from the back of my car. I pulled over to the side of the road and noticed that my passenger back tire was flat. I called AAA and I no more than hung up the phone when a man in a black car stopped and asked if I needed help. He told me his name was Trever and he worked for bell tire in Kalamazoo. He offered to change my flat tire and put the spare on for me. At first I was a little scared of this strange man stopping on the highway outside of Jackson to help a complete stranger, but when his daughter, Morgan hopped out of the car and offered me a bottled water because "it's hot out here" I felt lucky to have encountered a Good Samaritan. After putting on my spare tire, Trever told me to pay Kevin a visit at the Jackson Bell Tire Location, which My husband did. He said that the sales men there were wonderful and they even fixed our flat tire for free. Thank you Belle Tire. You have a customer for life!

5 star

November 19,2011


Excellent service, I just had my rotors and brakes fixed. Kevin was very honest and did a great job. I would recommend this location.

5 star

May 5,2011


Excellent place to get your card fixed. I am a repeat customer due to the exceptional honesty and customer service this Belle Tire provides. They do so much more than just tires. I recommend them to everyone!

5 star

April 4,2011


I have had the pleasure of working with Kevin and his crew several times. He has helped me with tires for 3 cars as well as having recently taken care of a brake problem on my car. I have referred several of my own customers to Kevin because I know they will be taken well care of. I am glad that we have Belle Tire in Jackson and Belle Tire should be proud to have Kevin VanHeusen working for them. Keep up the great work!!!

5 star

January 13,2011


Amazing service and very helpfull.

5 star

January 7,2011


Just wanted to say thanks to the crew at Belle Tire-Jackson. I stopped in 1/6/11 to have a slow leak in my tire checked. You guys got me in and out in about 20 minutes and removed a nail from my tire for NO CHARGE!!! This is 2011, I didn't think anything was free anymore!! Again, thank you for the repair & free service.

April 8,2010


I just want to say thank you for the excellent customer service I received at your Jackson location this past Tuesday, 4/6/10. The spare tire was improperly mounted on my vehicle and rather than complain or give up several of your associates worked together to remove the tire. This saved me the time and money of going to a dealership. They did so without complaining even though it was closing time. I also received an excellent price on the 2 new tires I purchased and your associated were extremely friendly to myself and my 7yr old daughter. I will make sure to visit Belle Tire for all my future tire needs. Thank you

April 2,2010


I just finished sending in the customer survey I received regarding my visit to your Jackson store (order #17663986). There was no place on the form for comments so I felt it was important to write this letter. I went in for an oil change and filter only but was asked if I wanted my tires rotated also. After learning I never had that done with 15,000 miles on the truck it was suggested I do it and that it was free of charge. In the process a nail was found in one of the tires. The tire was broken down, patched from the inside (not plugged), reassembled, balanced, and put back on the truck. Now I knew that Belle Tire provided rotation and repair free, which is very impressive, because I have had these services provided to me in the past. Thank you again! What really made me feel so good about this experience was that instead of just changing the oil and filter, saying thank you, and sending me on my way, Kevin and Mark went the extra mile. They asked, they looked, they cared, and here is the rest of the story. On the way home I had shivers go up my spine when I thought of what could have happened next week when my wife and I go on vacation to Kentucky, and that tire with that nail goes flat on a hill in the mountains, with 6800 plus pounds of rv and equipment hooked to the back of my truck. The words impressed and grateful are not strong enough to describe what I feel. God bless you all.

February 15,2010


Kevin Van Heusen, Manager of your Jackson store, was very helpful and friendly! I've found such service in Jackson to be a rarity, and I appreciate Kevin's friendly help very much. Thanks to him and Belle Tire!

5 star

March 12,2009


Very excellent and friendly service. The waiting room was the best I have ever seen at a repair place, and I was treated with respect. I had a bad experience at another tire store, and was very glad that this one was so inviting and comfortable. I will be returning to this store and referring others to it as well!

5 star

March 3,2009


I took two cars there for wheel alignments and was treated great. The waiting room was great and Scott kept us up to date on everything. I will be returning for more work.

5 star

February 18,2009


The best tire buying experience I ever had. Kevin was helpful,honest,and I saved over $60 on same set of tires vs. the other guys in town. He informed me about alignment and why it's important to protect my tires. Never even heard about that from other places. Great Job, have customer for life. I will send everyone there because of Kevin's knowledge and professionalism.

5 star

January 5,2009


I had a gratifying experience with your NEW jackson store saturday. my right tire was going flat while driving and pulled into your store at closing time, the staff pulled a nail out fixed tre and i was on my way. Great PR move on behalf of store manager--you have a future customer--welcome to Jacskon!!

5 star

November 20,2008


Very nice facility and very clean. Scott got us in and out very quickly. Good deal and good service. Glad to have a Belle Tire in Jackson now.

5 star

September 20,2008


Josh was amazing. Great deals! Good service. Why couldn't they open one of these here sooner??

5 star

September 7,2008


Excellent facility, excellent service and great prices. Was able to get the alignment I needed there when I purchased my tires. There was absolutely no pressure to buy something I didn't need. The lounge is very comfortable, though I didn't have to wait long for my car to be done. I was especially pleased that I was treated with respect which can be hard to come by for a woman looking for car repairs. I won't be going anywhere else:)

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